Top 10 films

massive :dito: waking life (brilliant), fear & l, bladerunner, 5th element (go to commercial!!!), aliens

(havent got over the strap on in acid house :o)

come on scifi peeps what about
dark city (shut it down!!) & event horizon (yikes),
dune (yey!!),
the hellrasiers (yeh dangly things!! :ph34r:Smile3:,
2001 a space odyssey :?

lilo & stich :jump:
the incredibles,
pixar short films,

:o videodrome :!: , exisitenz :runsmile:
slinker - irreversible is SICK :sob:
havent been in an underpass since !!

and the double ended black 20" dildo given to a collegue of miNe at our christmas party last w/e brought all the reqieM for a dream stuff back!!! hardcore...

favourite films

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

pi faith in chaos

Blade Runner

The Fifth Element

Hudson Hawk

Top Secret!


Total Recall



they'll be more than that tho'........those are just ones I can remember right now
movie soundtracks

soundtracks top ten,

pi faith in chaos

Blade Runner


Charlies Angels 2

Paris Texas

Mary Poppins

24 Hour Party People

probably Human Traffic, the music in that film ruled

Pulp Fiction

canyouhearthegoblins said:
:o videodrome :!: , existenz :runsmile:

Videodrome still rules! May be well old now, but it's so dark and creepy.
:ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r:

Existenz was a nice way of bringing things up to date a bit, also rules (just not so much). :Grin:
that film with Christopher Lambert in it, and the samurai sword expert.

Best scene just about ever in any film - the swordplay in the train carriages.

I wish I knew loads of film titles for movies with just loads of bits like that in them.

I'll need to go look it up on the imdb........find out the title!
Too difficult when you start giving it some thought. This is top 10 right off the bat + MID exam! ah well..

Platoon ( the first casualty of war is innocence...) superb!
City of God
Silence of the Lambs
The Matrix (bullet time....) ground breaking.
Donnie Darko - beautiful cinematography, beautiful soundtrack, beautiful film.
Pi - provocative, despite being maths based!
Jaws - just for the theme tune, oh and that Lilo scene
Pulp Fiction - for the dialogue
Big Lebowski - 'its bowling there are rules!' - Inspired
2001 A Space Oddysey - Sketchy as hell.
The Big Blue by Luc Besson is for sure my best movie ever,great scenario,great cinematography,great actors,great soundtrack,great everything plus the most hypnotic atmosphere in a movie ever,i mean the end of the movie is tottally amazing.

Amores Perros by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu is also a tottally amazing and psychedelic movie,highly suggested to everyone.Three stories different stories of different people all connected in the end,a real masterpiece.

House Of Sand And Fog featuring Ben Kingsley at his best.An Asian familly buys a house but the previous owner that lost it in an auction wants it back really badly.Top perfomances in this one.

The Thomas Crown Affair with its great perfomances,scenario and soundtrack,one of my favorite movies of all times and one of the few i have seen more than 5 times.

21 Gramms with Sean Penn giving a real recital here.Great and touching movie with superb scenario.

The Godfather Trilogy along with the classic Mafia movies like Casino,The Goodfellas,Carlitos Way,Scarface and more.After all who doesnt love Al Pacino and Robert De Niro?

The Ninth Gate with Johnny Depp in his best perfomance as a book researcher and historian on the loose.Great thriller this one and great babe Lena Olin.

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels featuring Steve Martin and Michael Caine in probably one of the best comedies ever.

Eddie Murphy in movies like The Beverly Hills Cop series,Trading Places and Coming To America.Too bad his recent releases are not so good as the old ones.

I wont mention a tenth movie since if i do so it will not be fair to all those beloved movies that i am forgetting at the moment like Apt Pupil,Storm Of The Century,Eyes Wide Shut,I.D,The Football Factory and many many more but i will mention one last thing.


Ok i said it so now i can sleep well and tight.
Fave films hey :wub: here's my selection...


The Godfather(trilogy)
Reservoir Dogs
Apocalypse Now
The Deer Hunter
Blade Runner
The Lost Boys
Pulp Fiction
The Terminator
The Usual Suspects
Beat Street


Hmm this was a tricky one ....

North By Northwest - top notch hitchcock / carey grant comedy/action/suspense all under one roof !
Donnie Darko - Ahh what can I say, gets better on every watch !
Pi - ..and how good is this - take mathematics *and* David Holmes soundtrack into the shower ?
Office Space - Quite possibly the funniest film ever, a must watch if youve ever worked in an office :Smile3: !!
Devils Advocate - Al pacino is spot on - dialogue just superb *and* a film in which keanu is actually good in - thats impressive :Wink3: !
Stand By Me - Timeless stuff .. what a story !
Life is Beautiful - It's ridiculously hysterical and deeply sad all at the same time ... crazy counterpoint! :Smile3:
Jackie Brown - its tarantino! = bomb-ass soundtrack, slick-ass dialogue etc etc...
High Fidelity - Its about a guy who owns a record shop, features frequent top 10's, ex's/women trouble *and* obscure record collection ordreing .. what more can a man want !!
American Psycho - Different to the book but still great

Last place shared by pretty much everything by david lynch / stanley kubrick ! :Wink3:

:bananada: :bananada:
i think kubrick is really overrated - Full Metal Jacket is brill but don't really dig anything else he's done.
Jackie Brown is generall underrated though - wkd film - and so glad someone else likes Devils Advocate! Really really good.

but my list would be:

Irreversible - yes very controversial but it moves me like no other film, extremely emotive and the more you watch it, the deeper it actually gets (there are loads of stylistic points in that film that are missed because everyone is so caught on *those* bits.

Learning Italian
South West 9
American History X
The Odd Couple
Un Coeur en Hiver
Carlito's Way

(Y Tu Mama Tambien, Dekalog, Piano Teacher, A ma Soeur - all very good also)

disappearance of Finnibar Flin



jungle book
spartacus .. the most amazin film i have seen in some time ..just saw it recently ..absolutely amazing and yeah, it is by kubrick, i used to to hate him (just a biased view after seeing eyes wide shut) but this film is fabulous
adaptation.. one of the very few films, i refuse to watch more than once so that says a lot
leon.. one of the first great films i ever saw
amores perros.. an emotional roller coaster .. brillian
vertigo .. first hitchcok film i saw .. brillaint
and oh yeah, apocalypse now.. marlon brando is king .. i realised that after i saw this film, and its his only film i have seen so far
the exorcist, event horizon, dune
the spaghetti trilogy (most amazing films ever.. wow, clint eastwood is just the coolest mofo in the world)
and oh yeah, dr. strangelove .. the funniest film ever
now i must end this post, i thought i will only write abt spartacus but i cant seem to stop so i wll force myself to end with this ranting .. too many brilliant films to mention (if so many brilliant ones have been made, i cant even imagine how many shitty ones will be in the film archives)

the rest are too many so i wont mention them.. the deep blue is awesome and asian (ringu, shogun assasin, seven samurai, enter the dragon) & european (delicatessen, taxi, crime spree) films are great detox but i wouldnt go on and say that all modern hollywood films suck .. the matrix is an all time great with its originality (ok it was made from a comic but they took it to screen .. thats quite diff task to accomplish; that well i mean)

oh well, just forgot abt to mention the film i have watched the most times in the world and made too many of my frds watch(most actually loved it) .. guess what .. no its not a "classic" . its CON AIR . .. a classic in its own
watch it and be entertained and laugh your head off.. i am sure i have left myself open to attack on this one :P
the whole wide world, lol

I forgot about the great movie that is Kafka. !

I love Con Air as well - best lines in some film ever!,

'why didn't you put the bunny back in the suitcase?'


'now on any other day, that might seem strange'

The plane crash is great too, how it slams thru Las Vegas and hits the 777 jackpot, that rocks. And Steve Buscemi's character is just hilarious - when he's singing and they're like 'shut up you freak!' cause the plane is crashing at the same time.

Hairspray, and John Waters films in general. Great!

Cypher, liked that one very much. Paycheck was good too, every time I go down the video rental place I wish they had decent films - you only get about 1 Cypher a month if you're lucky, and their back catalogues suck* - most stuff they have is the same films that are always on TV. That one called Ballistic, ecks verses - I forget the other name. Liked that too.

Waynes World, cool. Austin Powers movies, great.

*I rented everyhting worth seeing from them in waaay less than a year, there's been NO ADDITIONS in all that time, and many good films were actually REMOVED! That's two different Blockbusters, the only other shop doing rentals for video/DVDs doesn't have any titles they don't have, so it ain't worth joining.....dire!

I'll also watch anything by Bergman, Goddard, Kurosawa, Woo, all kinds of anime - love those, Tsui Hark, and then my brain reels off cause there's just so many great movies out there, and many I haven't even had a chance to see yet!
Arrrrrghh.... Just noticed this topic....

I don't know how much I'll be repeating what other people wrote but here goes (not in any order):

Dark City (for the film noir feel)
Pi (gripping, intelligent)
Memento (stilli unrivalled in many ways)
Naked Lunch (Cronenberg at his best)
Videodrome (Cronenberg at his weirdest)
Dune (Lynch directing sci-fi)
Lost Highway (Lynch making me bang my head against the wall)
Brazil (Gilliam's version of the future with a very good ending)
Waking Life (.....)
Holy Grail (a Shrubbery!)
Donnie Darko (wormholes and jet engines)
Akira (where it all started with Anime)
Being John Malcovich (anybody doubt Malcovich or Diaz as actors?)
Big Blue (Luc Besson, pure 80s)
Audition (needles and obscurity)
Tetsuo (very very very intense)

I'll stop there before I spend the whole evening doing this!!