Top 10 films

Silence of the lamby lambs
Ben in Black (staring Ben Dover)
cheech and chong
True Lies
5th Element
American Pie 3
Human Traffic
Lock Stock...

:hehe: :hehe:
film i saw the other day

eternal sunshinne of the spotless mind

bloody amazing it
how could I forget,

3000 Miles to Graceland

well I did, until now.

also - Metropolis ( the Fritz Lang one, tho' the anime is great too ) just saw that the other day, sadly with English title cards but the documentary on the DVD had the German title cards with English subs. Hmmmmm.
batle royal
shoguns assasign
the evil dead 2
the medievil dead
the brady bunch (very highly recomended on 'cid)
dazed and confused
apocolispe now
highlander 2
and bad santa just cause its chritmass
and a film called 'open your eyes' i think the original is french and its better than the re-do, obviously
Well those are my favorites :smokingr:

Pulp Fiction
Natural born killer
Drug store cow boy
The wall of pink floyd
Reqium for a dream
12 monkeys
Fight club
Air bag
Orange clock work
Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas

And now the chocolate factory returns and better, please check the link to see the prewiev

If you haven't those films please try to find it and see it they're really great
See you :jump:
for moi would be....

Fear and loathing in las vegas

butterfly effect

chich and chong :smokingr:

Pulp fiction

City of God


and some more, cant name em all now
Golaf said:
and a film called 'open your eyes' i think the original is french and its better than the re-do, obviously

It was infact spanish...

Brazil, remember we are all in it together :ph34r:
right... gotta be:

1. Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (for the absolutely shit hot martial arts)
2. Hero
3. Apocalypse Now (for sure)
4. The Ninth Gate (when I got it)
5. House of 1000 corpses
6. Evil Dead
7. Dogma
8. The Sword In The Stone (only just beats Alice In Wonderland)
9. Scarface
10. Last Of The Mohicans
12 angry men
the birds
the shining
one flew over the cukoos nest
shawshank redemption
pulp fiction
some like it hot
godfather 1
exorcist 1
clockwork orange
indiana jones trilogy
raging bull
beau hunks
stir crazy
blazing saddles
where eagles dare
what dreams may come
as good as it gets
superman 1
starwars trilogy
jaws 1
city of god

too many to mention