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We are proud to present you our latest creation : It is called Suntrip

The label Suntrip Records was set up in the summer of 2004 by Fabien "Mars" , one of the founders of the website and Joske "Anoebis" , a famous Belgian DJ and party-organiser, also well known here.

They met for the first time in 2000, for a party, and since then we gather regularly, sharing the same love for melodic psychedelic trance.

Because during the last three years "full on" releases were getting more and more stereotyped, they started talking about creating a label, so as to release more melodic psy-trance like in the good old times, but with modern production.
When Fabien discovered Filteria from Sweden, he believed in the quality of this melodic psychedelic trance artist and soon the first steps were set.

The first Suntrip release is Filteria's Sky Input album.
It's already announced on several online shops
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Filteria - Sky Input

Tracklist (go to : extracts)
1 Operation Pulse 10:34 144 BPM
2 Stars (StarStuff Remix) 09:42 146 BPM
3 Navigate 08:25 148 BPM
4 The Snuggling Snail 09:01 144 BPM
5 Domestic Modulator 09:04 144 BPM
6 Ultimator ! 11:03 146 BPM
7 Galactic Rays 09:14 147 BPM
8 Sky Input 07:46 146 BPM

Total time : 74:59
Style : Crazy melodic psychedelic trance.
Mastering : Tim Schuldt @ 4CN Studios
Artwork : Ukiro @
Cat no : SUNCD01
Format : CD
Release Date : Nov 22nd 2004

Forget about stereotyped formatted boring Psytrance, forget about the repetitiveness, Filteria has the truly melodic blasting sound we've been waiting for years ! We hope you'll enjoy this music that we believe has a real psychedelic heart !
Go to : Filteria profile

Tracks information
1 Operation Pulse Spacey morning track with a real long sunshine intro. Not too much power...just what's needed for a live jumpstart. Well, after 3 minutes you get a one way ticket to the Stars !

2 Stars (StarStuff Remix) Massive eastern melodies. Almost 10 minutes of madness and psychedelia. Four versions exist, two live ones, this one is something between the original made in January and the live remix for some act in May.

3 Navigate Very intense chemical-free trip with never-heard-before Jupiter6 distortions and lots of overdrive-self-ignition tweaked melodic parts. You are warned !

4 The Snuggling Snail "I watched the snail crawl along..." Kinda unique track you have to judge by yourself. It was successfully tested on several crowds. Many many melodies...

5 Domestic Modulator An absolutely demented piece of music to begin with the second half of the album. Prepare for the oxygen warp into a mental vortex passing stars towards your internal horizon, riding colourful melodies.

6 Ultimator ! The name says it all. We believe this is one of the most intense pieces Filteria has ever created. Screaming lines everywhere, melodies coming from all directions... Changing all the time, twisting, twirling...

7 Galactic Rays Maaaaaaad !!! Over 8 main galactic melodies...Surviving to this one on a dance floor is some kind of challenge ! Took three days to make, six to mix it.

8 Sky Input Inspired by the sunset & sunrise of the Greek island Santorini. First tested on the Belgian dance floor, it gave lots of screaming and happy faces. Atmospheric, beautiful, and insane melodies at the same time. is Goa Sound still in your heart ?

Just to say Goa trance will never die.

:sun: :sun: :sun: :sun: :sun: :sun: :sun: :sun: :sun: :sun:
Filteria - Sky Input

November 22 2004, Suntrip Records first CD was released : the long awaited album of Filteria, "Sky input".
Filteria, alias Jannis is a Swedish born Greek... he gives us now his first album after months of work.
While unpacking the CD, we can see a pretty cover which gathers nature and psychedelism... so Swedish !
The author gives us also his feeling about each tracks.

And now the tracklisting:
1. Operation Pulse
2. Stars
3. Navigate
4. The Snuggling Snail
5. Domestic Modulator
6. Ultimator
7. Galactic Rays
8. Sky Input

1. Operation Pulse, opens the album. The takeoff is progressive: after some good selected Fxs, a melodic loop comes quickly but it is at the end of 3 minutes that serious thing starts. We penetrate in the Filteria's world, full of trippy and energic melodies following one each others. We can notice these characteristic breaks. A very good track.

2. Stars, a rather mythical track will make us fly high. It is rather characteristic of what Filteria brings to the trance... melodic but with a very modern basis. I must admit I don't like some minutes at the end and I prefer another version ( let's hope it will be released one day !)

3. Navigate . The beginning of this track involves us directly in a mystical and very psychedelic world. The lead synth is energetic, and the Jupiter 6 gives his best. An effective track from first to last note.

4. The Snuggling Snail. A little different track from the others because of his feeling. Perhaps a little bit "harder" than others. A very very good and trippy track. We want more !!

5. Domestic Modulator. After the Snuggling snail, Filteria now make us fly in the golden age of Etnica/Pleiadians... The melody is superb. What a track! A true voyage...

6. Ultimator . The title lets inaugurate a synthetic madness and as soon as the intro is finished, melody and other layers make us understand the title of this track. No boring seconds...and No more legs for the dancer too :Wink3: after those mindblowing eleven minutes.

7. Galactic Rays is a well done, rather classical of the Filteria's sound at its starting. At the end of 5 minutes an amazing recovery comes from nowhere. This track finishes with a hammering lead...woaa powerfull track !

8. Sky Input well deserves its final place of the tracklisting. It's the real apotheosis. From the first to the last second we fly with the melody, the beat, loops... frankly a track made for the dancefloor. Absolutly epic.

So, a very original album which sends us fresh air. Those 8 tracks send us also light and dream..... Highly Psychedelic and creative Sound ! Melody is back ! Definitively one of the best album of the year.

Filteria – Sky Input


High-res cover: Front + Back

Artist: Filteria (Sweden)
Title: Sky Input
Format: CD (jewel case)
Label: Suntrip Records (France/Belgium)
Cat. #: SUNCD01
Distribution: Arabesque
Date: 22 November 2004

Track listing:

01. 10’35†Operation Pulse
02. 09’43†Stars (Starstuff Remix)
03. 08’26†Navigate
04. 09’01†The Snuggling Snail
05. 09’05†Domestic Modulator
06. 11’04†Ultimator!
07. 09’14†Galactic Rays
08. 07’46†Sky Input


Sometimes there's so much beauty in the world I feel like I can't take it, like my heart's going to cave in…

Meet Jannis Tzikas a.k.a. Filteria: Originally from Greece but now residing in Stockholm, Sweden. He’s a 21 year old music producer and basically the personification of goa trance anno 2004. He’s been lurking under the surface for some time now, developing musical skills in the art of melodic goa trance. His love affair with classic goatrance has now materialized in this debut album, released on Suntrip Records – a fresh label, recently started by godfathers Mars & Anoebis -dedicated to bringing melodic, psychedelic trance back into the scene…

After months of hype following his much acclaimed live-performances throughout Europe, the much anticipated album is finally here – before I pop it in my stereo, let me just take a second to comment on the very lovely artwork cooked up by Ukiro…

Let me take you thru the tracks…

#01: Operation Pulse [144 BPM]
First up is Operation Pulse which kicks things off with an eerie Twin Peak like intro… But it’s not long before a couple of Filteria-acid lines pop up… At first they’re playing around merrily, hinting what’s about to unfold… And the prophecy was right – before you know it, you’re in the middle of a multilayered, complex, highly melodic morning stomper… And that really encompasses what I love about Filteria’s style… Trippy, spacey, magical!

#02: Stars (Starstuff Remix) [146 BPM]
Holy fuck – this one makes the soft hairn on my arms become punkies… *g* This is a full-blow, climax-ridden, melodic morning tune in the true goa-sense with heavy Eastern influences and wall-to-wall psychedelia… I can’t believe how many layers this has – and how Jannis continues to amaze me with the endless amount of melodies he pulls of out his sleeve… Thick, strong, Pleiadians influences - beautifully crafted… Get stoned and watch the stars – and let this be your soundtrack!

#03: Navigate [148 BPM]
Try navigating through this… This is the fastest track here - goatrance with a distinct darker flavour… Twirling acidlines, stiff kicks, Jupitor6 distortion and hardcore tweak-o-rama… Check out the digital birds – that hummingbird must’ve slurped some acid instead of nectar... Pheew – this track is so intense… Brace yourself!

#04: The Snuggling Snail [144 BPM]
“I watched a snail crawl along the edge of a chocolate declare. That's my dream. That's my nightmare†Jannis samples the Apocalypse Now spoof on Celebrity Deathmatch… The snail-track is also a little darker than the most melodic parts of the album… It has a bouncy feel to it – the pads are somewhat raw, and the melodies highly trance-inducing… I really dig the breaks and build-ups – and the tons and tons of melodies put forth here…By real analogue synths mind you! Klonk (the sound of my jaw dropping…)

#05: Domestic Modulator [144 BPM]
Return of the melodies: extended edition… Now I’m guessing the title is a subtle, friendly nod to the kings of the past: Pleiadians… Again, we’re treated to some of the most complex, multilayered, deeply melodic stuff I’ve listened to for ages… Twirling, catapulting, perplexing, gut-hitting, intoxicating – strong words, but still no where near describing how good this is…

#06: Ultimator! [146 BPM]
Prepare for eleven minutes of ultimate bliss! This actually kinda reminds me of that climax part from X-Dream’s track Eleven… Interknitted layers of sonic sound manipulation constructed of blazing synth galore and psychedelic trickery… I’ve always been a sucker for flaring acid riffs, and here I get more than I bargained for… I mean – just listen from 6’20 and onwards… Sheer excellence!

#07: Galactic Rays [147 BPM]
Digital drops, acid farts and electronic burps make out the intro here – and after about a minute, we’re hit by analogue lightning - IFO-style… Old school with nu-school production techniques… Another highly intense piece, that sends shivers down an old trancer’s spine… This will teleport you back to 1996 faster than you can say ‘space cadet’ – and what a trip down memory lane this is… Check out the climax @ 8’03 – bom bolibompa! Amazing!

#08: Sky Input [146 BPM]
“If you do not know the present, how can you claim to know the future?†Right on – The title track wraps things up very nicely with a softer kick, atmospheric pads and the ever-present twirling acid-lines… Very well-constructed, constantly building and evolving and an overall very nice ending to a truly magical album…

Holy mushroom! Listening to this album is a breathtaking experience – a sonic blast that’ll catapult you well into space… Prepare to be totally blown away – it’s one of those freak occurrences where you’re just completely sucked in by the magnitude of the music… And damn, I like those occurrences… This album encapsulates the original essence of highly melodic, multilayered, climaxing, uplifting, epic, trance-inducing goa trance… Just like the pioneers did back in the nineties – though with modern production techniques… The Pleiadians-link is evident, but this is far from plagiarism – this is a musical testament paying reverential tribute to an era long lost… And damn, it’s been ages since there was a goa trance release, but now it’s here… ;o)

As stated above, listening to this is a very intense experience, and personally I sometimes feel like Ricky Fitts in American Beauty, when he says: Sometimes there's so much beauty in the world I feel like I can't take it, like my heart's going to cave in… What I’m trying to say by quoting that is that occasionally the intensity level can be intimidating … My senses are bombarded and I feel overwhelmed at times… But that’s a good thing right? It's just not very often that new music does that to me… On a related note, I could also wish for some of the many build-ups to be just a little longer for extended pleasure – but hey, I’m only nitpicking here! This album is among the best I’ve listened to in a long time! I give this my highest recommendation – and encourage any fan of melodic goatrance to check it out! Rest assured, this is an instant classic – you do not want to be without this! Enjoy!

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Filteria is the release I’ve been waiting for for such a long time ! a lot of the new releases are boring “GMS-like full onâ€, but this one,.........this one is totally different!!!! Everyone who likes melodies will like this mindblowing cd!! This cd will take you to a trip in outher space from the beginning to the end!! The melodic climaxes are amazing!!
This music reminds me on the old sound of etnica and pleiadians, but still, the sound is up to date!!
This is deffenetly the best release in years!!!
spacemuchi said:
Everyone who likes melodies will like this mindblowing cd!! This cd will take you to a trip in outher space from the beginning to the end!! The melodic climaxes are amazing!!

Well, I like melodies (and old Etnica / Pleiadians too) but I didn't liked this CD. First the production isn't really up to date. Lot's of sounds is clipped and distorted, most tracks have weak bass lines and really simple drums (he uses analogue gear which is harder to properly programm and record - maybe that's why?). Second - I don't like the melodies he creates! Most of them are totally unmusical, with awkwardly placed accents and unpleasant key changes. It looks like he's trying to fill every single bar with "melodic" content, ending with machinegun-like arpreggios that in my ears sound like total chaos :no:

I don't know, but to me a good melody has to have some spaces between notes, some quiet parts and some loud ones, it has to have some logical and musical progression. But here we got plenty, and I mean plenty of different musical ideas, that do not necessarily fit together. There are some good moments though, when he doesn't try to overwhelm listener with his musical "skills", but it's very rare :Sad:

Yesterday I listened to UX - Ultimate Experience, and while it was somewhat similar in intensity to Filteria's CD, it was soo much better in musical terms just because they didn't try so hard to make "old-school goa". They made good music instead...

IMO at it's best this is just average, and that's only because it's totally different from any other CD released lately.
it defenitly blowed my mind
this was kind of music i first had got into psy
full acid mayhem
loved it
playeing it again and again
try blasting it off a large soundsytem on an open air
with head full of acid
and then you d know what i mean
thanks to filteria
kodomo said:
try blasting it off a large soundsytem on an open air
with head full of acid
and then you d know what i mean
thanks to filteria

Well kodomo, if you do ever blast this in the open air off a large sound system, let me know, I'll be there :Smile3:

The samples from this sound totally awsome, I'm gonna have to get this.

Just wish it had the kick-drum and basslines of something like absolum and then it would be the worlds most perfect album - as antic said above they are perhaps a little weak, but I'm not complaining - Filteria is saving that for his second CD!!

Come and play in the UK dude! :Wink3:
I was quite excited by the samples of this. But I have to say that I was disappointed. It didn't feel together enough. There were some tracks that held my attention. The others seemed to blend together.

It sounds like it will grow on me but it won't be in the CD player for long, more for my everlasting jukebox iPod.