finally got here

hello, i finally got here, oli has been teling me to sign up for ages, he made me listen to psychedelic.
anyway, iv been to the last couple of bristols and loved it.
im near oli in devon but i live in yarcombe, and i ride downhill bikes, work on bikes and listen to psychedelic throughout...perfect.
im currently sat on oli's pc as hes shelf stacking at tescos till midnight..

bye bye



welcome to the forum dude :Smile3:
downhill biking, that souds wikkid. i'm trying to organise a mountain biking trip in august, through like france and germany or something like that... more fun than serious...
see ya around

Vanilla Penguin

V.P Psy comes to Dorset
Hey Yarcombe.. glad youv'e got the bug mate.
If your'e not too far over the Devon border, try to give our night in Dorset a bash.
G! :Smile3: