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1. FREq vs Spherical - Bit Shifter > can FREq do any wrong? love this track, favourite off Swiss Connection. i hope he plays at Voov...

2. Tone Factory - Coca Cabana > very cool track, nice n laid back, huge bass, off Traktor's Royal Rumble compilation from last year

3. James Monro - Battered > nice rolling tune, nice breaks

4. Midi Miliz - Cyclic Structure > oof!! new track from the heavyweights on Qubic Loops compilation, not as heavy as their usual, very hypnotic

5. Kent - Bush Too > off new Zenon compilation, only got it today but this track is killer

6. Tiny Giant vs Motu > lovely track off the amazing Kile Connection, 4 quality tracks all for £2.52 off psyshop!

7. Nerve - White Sand > one of my favourite tracks at the moment, very intense!

8. Echotek - Hamutzim Land > dark track, lots of emotion. hard to pick any one track off Psybration Fundamental Progression, they are all amazing

9. Oxyd - Insyde > am really liking Oxyd, the few tracks they've done, would hope there might be an album on the way. Off the Carpe Diem compilation on Innersound, which is definately worth checking.

10. Vibrasphere - Airport > fucking love this track, rather old and not like Vibrasphere's 'normal' sound. Killerrrrrrr :bananada:

well john / james.. whaddya know

i) you have a great top ten..
ii) freq _is_ playing voov :Smile3:

see you (both) there

Nerve is from Connected Sessions Vol. 2 on ZMA...lovely lovely track. and unfortunately Dave (:P hehe) won't be in Germany. i'll be there from saturday afternoon on. any other rumours?? :Wink3:
Nice list!

Connected sessions 2 still creeps its way to the front of my case logic (indespensible cd!). :partysmi:
Agreed; the ZMA comp keeps commin back...

Some good tuneage. Conceptual enough for your gimp to jab one over too..

He LOVES conceptual..