finally I've bothered to register!


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Hi guys, My name's alex, and I love a good party etc etc...
A few of you may know me, most of you probably don't, but I'm looking forward to making a few fwends, and getting roundly slagged off as well!
(just keep it funny!)
take it easy dudes, and remember, its not good to reheat rice, cos it tastes fucking awful.

hi alex

don't be dismayed at the lack of responses, as you will see everyone's at glade, except me :mad: :mad:

hope you're enjoying the live stream provided by ratty & babawan!? :speaker: :partysmi:
Hey Alex,

Hope you had a good'un at the Glade Festy :Wink3:

I had a right blinder

I bumped into some people I knew so I wasn't 'billy no mates' for long!!

Those 'shrooms went down lovely - cheers