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Well I finished (ish. come on! I never 'finish' anything :tongue1: ) that tune from below.

*clikety clak* go the wheels on the track

naturaly, this is pre buggering about with levels and EQ. but hey it's over 9:00 minutes of free music at bandwiths to suit everyone.

I'd love your feedback, regardless of experience, or indeed, opinion :Smile3:
*Takes a good aural lug*....

Whew - good shyt. I'll be able to say more when I get home and don't have my listening hobbled by my hideous work headphones, but it's sounding like the bomb as far as I can tell. Went really nicely with the 'Soldiers Burning Drugs' vid that RezN8 put up. :Wink3:

Hi Speakafreaka, I have to say that those isrealic chain saw doesn't match to my taste, but your track sounds great. Where did you get these lots of space? This track I would only play on open air. I think this piece drives the crowd crazy. Maybe :Wink3: this tune is good with :shrooms: I've got an album named "Holy Mushroom". Your track would be fine on this.
Your bass drum is :wow: and the soundscapes are :wow: Virus I guess, or Absynth...?
and the groove :punk:

good job, dude.
I wasn't aware that saw wave leads were the exclusive preserve of Israeli producers (Hallucinogen's been using them from the get-go), but everyone's taste is different, I guess - Personally I love 'em because they add nice sizzle to a track.

Will listen properly when (if?!) I get home this evening...

you have really great sounds and atmosphere going in this track. very eary at times. it feels like every sound is pulling in its own direction. like the whole thing is going to just dissolve any second. bit strange, its both the weakness and the strong point of the tune. i couldn't dance to it beacuse of that but it makes a great atmospheric track.

not sure if this was of any help but thats what came to my mind when i listened to it :Smile3:
hmm! overall me likey! nice work indeed, very atmospheric and everything has plenty of room to do its thang. only have a couple of gripes, intro is suspect.. maybe work on that a bit more? :Smile3: also don't like the hihat.. i'm picky :rolleyes:

definite thumbs up :Grin:

Fanks you lot! :Smile3:

Feedback always gets me geed up to write better stuff, so ta!

TomStoned - I am listening to Tegma and Tetraktys as recompense for the saws. Can you forgive me? :Wink3: . Almost every single 'atmos' is Absynth, so give yourself a pat on the back.

DogCow - I know what you mean. The pad straight after the first lead caused me a real headache. I really liked the sound of it, but felt it detracted from the danceability. Still not sure!

Opia - I like the intro. :Smile3: levels are shot, but, I like the ideas... The Hihat is nasty. you are absolutely right to be picky, it will change, as will one of the snares, which after repeat listenings is really pissing me off!

JP - :Smile3: hope it isn't too disappointing :Smile3: Thanks for the effort
Awesome stuff dude!

I was getting images of a brooding Orc army massing on some dark mist-filled planes... about halfway through the track the sun seems to come up, only to highlight the metallic glint of the assembled bodies...

Great atmospheric stuff, keem 'em comming! :jump:
Speakafreaka said:
JP - :Smile3: hope it isn't too disappointing :Smile3: Thanks for the effort

Hehe - no, not in the least!

Finally left work at about quarter to eleven yesterday... yeesh!

Anyway, quick gander through my stereo this morning... Really like the bottom end on this one, the Absynth-esque noises are spot on, and your leads and percussive synths sit really nicely together.
I can see what Huw means about the hi-hat, I don't reckon it's anything that a little EQ'ing can't fix, however. The only other thing I'd suggest is maybe a little more percussion from about 3:00 - 4:50? It's all down to personal taste though, and I'm nitpicking what is actually a really nice piece of work.

Well done - you've come on in leaps and bounds. :Grin:

:Smile3: and indeed :hehe: :jump: :Smile3: :Grin: :lol1: :cool:

Cheers for a great description Pricey, made me grin, don't worry, more is 'in vitro' so to speak. I'll be sure to deposit it around these parts, as people keep on saying nice things :Smile3:

JP - thanks for great opinion and continued effort! Hope you had a better day at work today, because that looks a bit epic :Smile3: You are not nitpicking at all. You are in fact spot on about the rythymic stuff.

Did anyone have an opinion on the chordal end? Can I get away with this?
Hi Speakafreaka,
I'm sorry to hear about legions of orcs in your kingdom. As a fellow psychedelic trancer I'll send you these army of horse riding angels to your support...
you're the leader of those bunch of brainless creatures :ph34r:
... then: "Dodge this!" (right click->save as->listen) :Wink3:
im a synth man..and i like synths! but fuck me, phatt synthesis gwan!
well intresting mate, so what you using? Also nice to here a underuse of delay, too many tracks (even mine :sad: (but i like it so i dnt care)) use delays to bulk the track out! One thing that i felt was missing was maybe a melody of some kind, it dosent have to be cheesy, in fact it dont make it cheesy but a lil melody of somekind would be nice. But now im talking about what i would do so by all means ignore my comments on your creative ability.

Overall mate, nice track, tis well phatt!
Cheers Paradice :Smile3:

Most of the stuff came out of absynth, feed through spektral delay (which is nothing like a regular delay!). Then there is Reaktor, Battery, Kontakt and Pro-53. Just had a big studio upgrade, so this is me getting to grips with lots of the kit.

Yeah, melody would be nice, but i didn't hit the right one this time. I'd rather have none than a bad one :Wink3:
gd point there "I'd rather have none than a bad one "

And reaktor kicks ass! You would like the new korg legacy collection if you like NI stuff. Get it if you can!
i like the chordal ending, but i do have a bit of a long-atmospheric-ending fetish so i dont know if youll get away with it with everyone. im not so keen on the bass sound youve used, it sounds a bit fuzzy for my liking but thats my only nag. well done sir.
paradice - yeah, I know someone who has it and it sounds (i quote) 'raw as fuck', which sounds promising!

Double Helix - cheers for the opinion :Smile3: have you got anything on the burner at the mo? chords -----> :Smile3: :Smile3: :Smile3: .... bass ------> etnica 'chrome' fan. can't be helped. Sorry! :Smile3: