First attempt at Psy-Trance!


hiya... not bad tune i reckon. like the way it develops a slightly electro 80s feel to it around 2:15, though it kind of goes a little too hard-trancey for my liking towards the end (not keen on some of the lead noises).

some cool squelchy-scratchy fx noises in their though, definitely like them :Smile3:


little too hard-trancey

I really love this tune man!!! :dancey: the break at 3:40-4:00 is fukin awsome, I really wished it had kicked my head in a bit more when it dropped tho, culd do with beefing up there, coz that culd get the dance floor goin nutz I thinx

Think the begining has a bit to much going on, but mayb eqin (?dunno aint an expert lol) that can define the soundz better...think the same problem @ 4:40-4:50...but dropz out nicly :Grin:

hope you keep the hard-trancey sound man, coz itz wikid :Grin:


wow! very cool.
I agree with what Miszt said.
Also I think I'd start with a less frantic bassline and work up to it.