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liverpool - Chillout.mp3

if you you tried the old address this one should work better.
Friend let me borrow his space

this is my first mix, done using mixmeister 3. I'm not entirely happy with
it, but I figure rather than going in and altering it till I'm happy I'd be
better off doing another mix, or all I'll never finish this one, just keep fixing it.
any criticism welcomed, though if your just gonna slag it off without saying why I won't give you a cookie.

Hope you all enjoy

tracklist for mix

feuerhake - clouds
shiva shandra - future m bend
asura - trinity
porcupine tree - phase 1
space safari - focus
aphex twin - lichen
shpongle - fruit flute
akasha project - suicide sun
electric source - plantation (living on a)
ohm square - wounds on a cherry tree
marks & henry - (the making of...) jill
a.r. rabma - mumbai theme tune
dzihan and kamien - homebase

total length - 1:17:53
filesize - 108MB
i love this mix man, i listen to it quite a lot (ive had it for a while as u know). Especially like the porcupine tree track, i love that band.

this is great to shill out to for sure

Lichen is a tune.
Tis on the download just now - always appreciate good chillout shit :Grin:

This and kevs mix will be properly thoroughly roadtested whist wandering the countryside tommorow !

I've been up late working, couldn't sleep anyway, head buzzing & stuff, but this has chilled me right out - I think I shall finally be heading to Bedfordshire shortly :Wink3:

Many thanks for putting this up - 'tis a wicked set :P

(Nicely slid into fruit flute btw - tho' I'd pull the bass down a bit more on suicide sun as it comes in)