Flightcase recommendations for CDJs?


Hi - I'm looking for a pair of flightcases for a pair of CDJ-800s or similar, I would like some that allow the decks to be used when left in the cases, I've found these which look okay:
http://www.westenddj.com/ProductInfo.aspx?productid=RRCDJII and apparently this place: http://www.gothardflightcases.co.uk/
can make some custom ones for CDJs with a front flap that folds down to give access to the disc mechanism, but I was wondering if anyone had any other recommendations?




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hi flameboy, westenddj also has cases that will house everything. they had a case for cdj800's/1000's and a djm 600 mixer, basically keeps everything together. that means you have one big case that you carry around and just put down and hook up.

i prefer that to three different cases.


yeah i got one for my cdj 100s and mixer which would be a fair bit smaller for just over 100 squid so?? i find it well useful and secure, especially good if you need to move them quickly!


At B&Q there is a small tools flight case, allumimium. Just about the size of 2 CDJ100s for about 15 squid. inside is insolated with some soft spounge-like material ideal for temperature and vibrations. Thinking to buy one soon :smoke:


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Hey Flame Boy, i'd got for the Road Ready ones. Its what i've got for my 1000's, they are built like nuclear bunkers and have fron flaps which allow you to keep them in their cases (look carefully at the picture). Also they have enough space at the back to plug all your cables in so no problems there either.

Would agree with Yogi on the having seperate cases, its hard enough to cary my two CDJ1000's in their cases let alone a mixer too!