Floating Point II


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Floating Point 2


review by ed

Remembering the first in this series, which is described by people who remember it as "er, which one? the blue one right?", and the impact it had, "I almost fell out of my hammock", will in some way prepare you for the chillage on offer here, and in other ways make you wonder what the f*ck you are doing reading this drivel when you could be relaxing to some hi-end relaxing music. So, moving onward with their project to show many nuances of electronic music, Iboga once again take us by the hand, and lead us gently into the realm of the horizontal... Tomzen starts us off with rich bass and spagetti western whistles and a soft funky brass section. This tune has been a big'un, enjoying radio playtime here in the sunny UK. DMT continue the laid back approach with Hendrix-esque guitar stabs and Cell's relaxed optimism is apparent with wind pipes and tribal drumming, and a nice main melody reminiscent of sunny beaches and nothing to do. Oliver Jones adds a 4x4 kick drum in absolutely no hurry whatsoever and slow enough to lose a race against a stoned hippy. Pitch Black take us firmly back into psy-dub territory, and will be a welcome return to wingmakers for those lucky enough to catch their set the other week. Aural Planet take things a bit more serious with a bass line that is wonderfully jiggy in its 'thereness' and Ohrsten Nors leaves Las Vegas and brings with him the dancing girls and Hunter S. Thompson's Caddilac. Crowd Control takes a strange turn in Ivory Town as the lecturers have to be beaten back to their houses with promises of a remote bypass and a revamped recycling scheme. Cell reappear and take us on an ambient excursion, dripping here, and draping there to sooth our senses. Rumpistol take a great idea - super soakers filled with rum, and use them to blast their way to the end, with some lovely vocals courtesy of Tusnelda. All in all this is so releaxing that I almost fell off my keyboard, and yes, this is the blue one.


(fractalated would like to point out that he is probably 'Ed'. but this is still subject to verification by our team of philosophers, of which Ed and fractalated are the only members)