Flower Powder - Hi, I'm Dr Hofmann (Psymix/Jan2006)

Flower Powder

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Hi Trancers,
First Psytrance mix for 2006.

Tracklist :

Anesthesia - To Space
Loud - Beautiful Day
Pitch Hikers - Present Tense
Hemisync - Abused Radio
MFG - Shining Faces
Oracle - Metamorphous Man
XSI - Overzone
Mino - Tripology
Altom - Kompakt
Pitch Hikers - Sink In
Yab Yum - Yabyumski
Penta - Dangerous Game
Plasmotek - Fraggle Rock
Double R.E.L. - Back in Business
Sector 7G - Acidoss (Rmx)

This one is a trip come-up from 141 bpm to 146 bpm

If you want to listen or download the mix go to http://flowerpowder.over-blog.com

Happy Birthday Dr Hofmann, and thanks again.....
Flower Powder.