Flowers Of Life - - - Black Light Decorations From Finland


Now Less Confused
stunning :o

i love any decor made with string/weblike like that, it just blows me away, thats incredible!!!

I'm very impressed wow wow wow :Grin:

Jon Kenobi

So uncivilised
really nice :Smile3:
and a great links page to other art as well

Vanilla Penguin

V.P Psy comes to Dorset
I wish I could afford to fly u over ..that really is stunning ..lovely :Smile3:


im with emma on that one , would be bloody awsome to see that up at a party , keep my mind busy for hours for sure

nice work mate :iyes:


Surfing the Zuruya
It looks as though the installations are as crazy as the sounds from finland....

the party in the forest looks fantastic.....

keep up the good work....:irolleyes