Flowjob - Support Normality (Iboga Records 2006) CD


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Aalborg, Denmark
Flowjob – Support Normality


Hi-res cover: front + back

Artist: Flowjob (Denmark)
Title: Support Normality
Format: CD (jewel case)
Label: Iboga Records (Denmark)
Cat. #: IBOGACD36
Distribution: twohandsdistribution.com
Date: 14 January 2006

Track listing:

01. 10’13†Run Baby Run (The Big Escape Version)
02. 07’45†Everland Airport
03. 08’19†Flangers In The Night
04. 09’00†Have Fun And Survive
05. 09’03†Wannafrisbee
06. 08’17†They Are Not Alone
07. 07’56†Mood Food
08. 09’32†Wadley
09. 07’47†Glitter (feat. Trine)

.m3u-playlist: http://tinyurl.com/ol6uv (all tracks!)


Slippery when wet!

The first 2006 release on Danish label Iboga Records, is the debut album from Flowjob. This Danish duo consists of Joakim Hjørne and Mads Tinggaard who prior to this album has released a handful of tracks – primarily on Iboga and Tribal Vision Records… So far I’ve liked every single track I’ve heard from these progressive marvels – so I’ve been looking forward to this album for at long time…

Let me take you thru the tracks…

#01: Run Baby Run (The Big Escape Version) [132 BPM]
“It's an entirely new game system!†What better way to open a debut album, than with a big, lengthy, epic smash? And when I say epic, I mean epic! This is slow-building, extended-into-oblivion progressive trance… Complete with sci-fi samples, tribal drums, digital chanting, floating/epic melodies and enough subtle groove to satisfy most people… The track doesn’t really take off before the 3’23 mark – but when it does, it’s with such preserved energy, that you cannot help but crack a big old smile… Usually I would have deemed this style too cheesy, but somehow this rubs me the right way… A very nice opening track!

#02: Everland Airport [131 BPM]
“Electric, electric power…!†This track pretty much skips any kind of intro and launches straight into banging, electro-ridden funkiness… The female vox doesn’t seem that well thought-out, and I could do without them… I do however like the phat electro passages and the simple-yet-effective rhythm section… Not bad at all – but not too amazing either…

#03: Flangers In The Night [132 BPM]
As the title subtly hints, we’re digging deeper now – towards darker night time teKk-trance… Don’t get me wrong, this is not minimal techno or anything; it’s just quite a tad darker than the previous tracks… I’m totally into edgy stuff, and especially the second part of this tune is magnificent!

#04: Have Fun And Survive [133 BPM]
After the previous venture into the dark side, I was kinda hoping we’d stay there… But no, this is much more ‘over ground’ – with a cheesy voice sample and a generally uplifting atmosphere… Now I hate to come across as negative sounding here – that was not my intention, as this is indeed an interesting track… The steady electro groove is hypnotizing and the bass is deeper than ever… Also the old-school disco synths are pretty neat! But that’s it… Nothing to get too excited about… I guess it will work as a DJ tool, but for home listening I don’t think this one is gonna get that much playtime on my system…

#05: Wannafrisbee [132 BPM]
Half-way thru the album, and it’s time for some sexy beach house trance… As with the opening track, this one takes it’s time slowly building tension before letting steam off… The absurd thing is that the climax never really comes… There’s nothing wrong with that, and this is another brilliantly produced groove-beast… I just wish it went somewhere… So, this is great for background music or as a DJ transition tool and not-so-great for the nitty-gritty party… And hey, I know that probably never was the intention…

#06: They Are Not Alone [132 BPM]
Next up, is perhaps the most reverb-soaked and funky number off the album… The intro is subtle and mouth-watering and when the track finally gets into gear, it’s mostly rewarding… I’m not a fan of the ragamuffin vocals, but I choose to overhear them here… For the most part this is a nice, steady groover of a track, and especially the last three minutes are brilliant… But I still can’t shake my momentarily boredom when listening to this track… Something is missing…;o/

#07: Mood Food [133 BPM]
“Ladies and Gentlemen, you may think you've seen the unusual. You may think you've seen the bizarre. But I've travelled to the five corners of the world, and let me tell you, I've never seen anything like thisâ€. Luckily Mood Food comes along and saves the day… Whereas the previous tracks were more or less elevator music, here’s a track that stands-out and deserves to be played loudly on the dancefloor… This is subtle progressive trance ranging on both electro-passages and uplifting morning trance… Groovy as hell and definitely a feel-good track… A brilliant tune!

#08: Wadley [128 BPM]
This track was already released on the 2005 Iboga compilation Set/5 – Summer Collection so I’m just gonna copy/paste my review from back then: […] This is an afternoon burner…The rhythm section is funky and progressive, the melodic leads are solid – and the guys are not afraid of experimentation, as we get all kinds of world beats influences throughout the track… Well done! Again this track suffers from stand-still syndrome towards the end, but it’s not too bad… I can cope! Still a brilliant track!

#09: Glitter (feat. Trine) [133 BPM]
On the closing track, the guys are joined by some Danish vocalist-chick called Trine Jensen…. The lyrics she sings are not going to go down in musical history, but she sure has an angelic voice… It’s very feminine, yet nasal somehow… It’s great! Only problem is that it doesn’t really fit this track that well… It’s much better than the previous vocals on this album, but her singing style would fit euro-house much better… In that sense, I have mixed feelings about this track… Her voice is excellent – and so is the music…But together they form a hybrid that doesn’t really *do* it for me… And that’s a shame coz individually both the music and the singing rules!

So, was this album as good as I’d hoped for after the brilliant compilation tracks? In short – no! A longer explanation would be me stressing, that this is an extremely well-produced album – with a couple of really excellent tunes… And couple of very nice tunes – and a handful of decent tunes… The artwork is lovely as always, and with only a minor fluke, the flow is pretty steady too…

Let me also stress, that there are no bad tracks here – some of the tracks are just not what I expected or hoped for… They are too many stand-still passages here, and that’s a shame, coz when the guys crank up the old party meter, they do it so well… But hey, fans of the slicker side of Iboga Records will most definitely have a field day with this album – as will fans of Gaudium and similar crossover progressive trance… So, in conclusion, this is not my fav’e among recent Iboga releases – but even when it’s sub par Iboga stuff, it’s still pretty classy… Enjoy!

Favourites: 1(!), 3, 7(!), 8(!)


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Reaction score
I wasn't that impressed with this on the first few listens. Wadley struck me as the best tune - I have had this for ages ..... grrr.

As a result of this I am currently ignoring it. I may or may not stop ignoring it at some, as yet, undisclosed stage in the future.

This happens to me quite alot.

General concensus :- Not bad, but not good either (subject to change)


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jamez_23 said:
I wasn't that impressed with this on the first few listens. Wadley struck me as the best tune - I have had this for ages ..... grrr.

As a result of this I am currently ignoring it. I may or may not stop ignoring it at some, as yet, undisclosed stage in the future.

This happens to me quite alot.

General concensus :- Not bad, but not good either (subject to change)

I'd rate it good, but not great. There's a few superb tracks on this (track 1 for starters), track 9 would be good except the vocal really doesn't work with the style, as DeathPosture says.

pedro subsonic

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Central London
I liked this album quite a bit although I understand it being a bit too housy for some.

I thought track 4 was skippable and the vocals on track 9 ruined that one for me.

I enjoyed the remaining tracks with special emphasis on 1, 5, 6 and 8. Track 8 also appears in Iboga's compilation Set 5 (which I also recommend).