Flux this for a game of soldiers...new tune


Throb Farmer
Fucken brilliant mate...seriously melodic but in no way cheezy, reminds me of mushroom in that respect (and thats not a dis). Masses of variation and a good 'journey' feel through lots of texture and light&shade.
Criticisms...not much. Bit slow maybe? about 2/3 of the way in I felt all those mad growling noises could have benefitted a faster more kicking pace. Some of the leads are wicked though a couple of the leads in the first section could do with being a bit weirder and tweaky (there's a bell sound thats could be doing something much grander).
But its a:rocker: for sure :Smile3:

PS just listened to my nice cup of chai and thats bloody excellent too.:dancey: Mate!


Pie Fly
Cheers mate. Glad you liked it and Cup of chai. If you felt that this one is a bit slow than you'll be happy to know I've just written a 150bpm stomper. :>