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1. Grandma's cookin' (codfillet, homemade mashed potatoes, buttersauce with capers, grilled capsicum, brocoli)

2. Salade Nicoise

3. Mayo

4. juicy red apple

4. Brie and advocado on multigrain bread

5. Globe artichoke (on pizza with Jarslberg cheese, cherry tomatoes and bresaola)

6. Kinder Bueno

7. :shrooms:

8. chick peas

9. passion fruit

10. :wub: ... :runsmile:

1. after 8 mints

2. old style wotsits (i swear they used to be bigger an more cheesy)

3. big slab of steak (medium rare)

4. vanilla ice cream with hersheys choc sauce

5. roast duck in lemon sauce

6. shredded chicken chow mein with egg freid rice

7. roast beef an potatoes

8. crunchy crunchy apples (a must for any party)

9. SANDWICHES (chocolate spread or roast duck in plum sauce from marks&sparks)

10. a really nice dessert from harvester with chocolate ice-cream on top of hot chocolate sponge pud covered in hot choco fudge sauce with maltesers an little chocolate balls in amoungst everything, so good i had to buy another!!!!!
and in no particular order...

*Quorn (TM) burgers on wholewheat buns
*My Potato Salad
*My mates Greek Pasta Salad
*Cheese Dorito's
*my Cauliflower + Broccoli + 4-cheese bake
*most chocolate
*most yellow and cream cheeses, no blue please
*Spinach and Cheese
*Tuna + Mayo
in no order, and from the heart as i'm bleedin' starvin'...

* tuna steak
* cod or trout + lemon
* ceasar salad
* roasted vegetables
* rocket salad with balsamic vinegar
* sauteed potatoes
* chestnut mushrooms (but any variety is good)
* fresh tagliatelle
* salted pistachios
* mashed potato with full fat milk, butter and garlic

oh my that hasn't helped... *rumble*
good pizza , i mean GOOD
pasta + cheese
ice cream
balsamic vinegar :punk:
chocolate (most addictive drug ever)
spinach lasagne from rainbows cafe
lentil samosa from arjuna
panini from veggie restaurant in kingston *drool*
fluffy (not lumpy :huh: ) mashed potato wiv dill & sliced boiled eggs & milky sauce stuff
pasta wiv smoked tofu sosidges chopped in it & cheesy sauce
pancakes :Grin: wiv cream/choc etc
quorn lemon&black pepper fillets
natural yogurt wiv chopped nana

eek i sound vaguely healthy, tho i cant afford much of this at the mo...and can't cook..... :sad: *hint*
Any lamb dish


egg mayo crispy bacon

full english breakfast

shephards pie

chill con carnie

any meal from 52DSL house :bananada:
mullett said:
any meal from 52DSL house :bananada:

:lol: Anita is a top cook, i should be fatter than i am, but i loose to many calories dancing and :smokingr:

My favourite foods in no particular order are:

Balti Chicken
mangoes/strawberries/cherries and oranges
bacon/english breakfast
crunchy nut cornflakes
strawberry haagen daaz wiv nuts
Lamb Sheek kebabs
Chilli con carne jacket potato
any :shrooms:
lamb chops

yumyum :P
Mmmm food my fave subject

~Thai green curry with cod and king prawn
~Tuna steak with chili and lime
~Soda bread with cheese avocado and cherry tomato with black pepper
~:shrooms: (natch) ooh and portobello and chestnut ones too! :Smile3:
~Vietnamese hot tofu salad with noodles
~Veggie Enchiladas with quorn pieces
~Jasmine rice
~Mushroom stroganoff with wild rice
~Mushroom moussaka
~Smoked salmon and scrambled egg!
:wub: :rolleyes:

CRISPS!! Any flavour! Yum!
OK... got to get in on this!

In no real order apart from when theycometo mind:

Beef wellington-with the fillet steak, mushrooms, pate and just general yumminess with a nice salad and new potatoes on the side. It's a culinary orgasm!
Just wish I hadn't turned veggie! :sob:

A nice poached salmon with parsley sauce

Tuna steak

In fact just about any fish you can think of 'fish fish fish fish fish, eating fish' as mr scruff would say...

thai curry of either colour- preferably with prawns

baked beans and poached egg on toast

omlette arnold bennett (smoked haddock, cream and parmesan)


cheese toasties

and last, but by no means least:

guinness (it's a meal in a glass!)

I've got to go eat now.

How did i forget Thai green or Red curry and Karahi King Prawns!! :rolleyes: :P
Mmmm, all so...good... :lol:

1) Very spicy Peri-Peri Nando's sauce on everything. (I'm addicted to kick arse spice levels)(any other addicts, have you tried MegaDeath spice yet?)
2) A fillet steak from our local butchers, cooked to perfection on a Webber, mmm
3) Pork in a white pepper cream sauce served with Fusili
4) Lasagne!!!
5) Tomatoe soup
6) My homecooked potatoe and garlic soup
7) Creamed garlic spinach with fried eggs and buttered boiled potatoes
8) Peppercorn and mustard cheese sauce on toast (like a welsh rarebit)
9) Sundried tomatoe pasta
10) The mighty burger with lashings of secret burger sauces!! Fuck McDonkey's Arse burgers, I want real meat!!! :P