for folks sake

Haunting, raw performance of a lovely song.

Studio version here.

Sporadically I run searches on Indigo Sparke after stumbling across random tracks a couple of years ago. Her debut album, which was produced by former partner Adrianne Lenker, is out now on digi - hard copies will be released in May on Sacred Bones. I've only listened to the whole thing once, but first impressions are positive.

Speaking of Lenker, I didn't realise she had a double solo record out until I checked in with Sparke. It was recorded in a cabin on tape during lockdown and has a very humble, intimate appeal with creaks and clunks, and other environmental noises such as birdsong and rainfall left as they are.

The first part is called songs.

The other is instrumentals.


ive said it before in here perhaps, but where ever pitchfork goes so does a top level sound engineer. Buy that person a dry white wine & perrier

salt in the wound is the pick tune 17.50+
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