For Sale: Old Acid Techno


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Hey Up,

Am posting this in a vague attempt to get rid of a load of old vinyl.

I have about 3fts worth of old acid techno and hard house/trance that i wanna get rid of. Its all in good nick and goes right back to those "London Acid City" days of yore. Lots of Cluster, SUF and various other techno. A bit of old Tinrib as well of you like yer sirens and hoover noises etc. If you're interested then let me know and i'll sort out a list. Failing that i reckon its for the high jump. If your a collector of said stuff its ideal i guess.

If you live up in the north - try NTA orDirty Techno or Headchargefor the old acid techno stuff. For the hard trance stuff - the zogg site might be of use Planet Zogg

(although two main people I know who may be interested in the old acid techno stuff have just spent up buying Oberon's (see earlier post) old goa stuff!)
am just in the process of sorting out a list and will let you know. to be honest i haven't really thought about the price either. will let you know :Smile3:

hopefully have it done by the end of the week
you promised this all to me!

erm.<cough>........... yeah i'll drop you a text nxt pay day.

I asked about potential values of some of my records recently and apparently any old acid techno/trance particularly SuF, Hazchem, etc is particularly sought after. Smitten didn't come into the list however as apparently they still press back cat. Noom records early stuff is popular too with the top 2 being 13 (Commander Tom - Are Am Eye) and 17 (can't remember but light brown label).

Make sure you don't take less than they're worth.