Foreverblinds Fursday Funktion!


Distant Tremor
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Will be playing my first show of the new year tonight :Smile3:

Expect some chilled vibes, proggy beats, phatty beats n maybe some filth :Smile3:

well that was a blast! :Smile3:

Thanks to everyone in the shoutbox! :Smile3:

will upload that mix as soon as :P
Playing alongside resident Distant Tremor DJ Somatic tonight :Smile3:

Expect a mix of proggy psy/morning-fullon psy :Smile3:
Back on tonight, Chilled/Prog/Psy and deffo some electrypnose to make up for the Echo Vortex party :Smile3:
Had a blast last week! Nice one, heres the mix:
had a good listening yesterday evening with some friends and really enjoyed it!
do you have a track list?there were some cracking tunes..even shine on you..class! :Smile3:
Nice one mate cheers :Smile3:

Heres the tracklist:

Pitch Black - Empty Spaces Missing Units
Mythematica - Nam Bandara
Electrypnose - Mountains Landscape
Liquid Stranger - His Fully Automatic Wheelbarrow
Flooting Grooves - Thermal Shock
Shadow FX - Full Floyd Rig
Tetrameth - The Quickening
Sun Control Species - Here Come The Titans
Sensient - Where Are We
Zen Mechanics - Tree D
Protonica - Upstream (Sonic Species RMX)
Basic - In Flames
Burn In Noise - Liquid Form of Happiness
Aeon - Wrong Wavelength
Avalon - Galactic Groover feat. Burn In Noise
Earthling - Mathemagical
Earthling feat Tron - No Sleep Till Brixton
Tron - HD feat. Beatnik
Beatnik - A Poison Tree
Galactik Monkey - Make or Quake (Electrypnose RMX)
Electrypnose - A Sun Burning Far Away
Electrypnose - Good Oldies
Electrypnose - Santos Flys Over The Storm
Electrypnose - Erimesa RMX

The floyd riff is used on the Shadow FX track so i can't take any credit for that haha :Smile3:
cheers mate
will have to listen to this again with the tracklist now..afternoon at work sorted!

So back on the radio this week, my comrade Somatic will be spinning some drum n bass for part of it! Should be a blast! :Smile3:
Heres the show from Thursday - Thanks to Somatic for supplying some nasty DnB :Smile3: