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ok ive got delay lama which is good but not really tweakable enough for my liking, so i was wondering if its possible to make a formant sound on a normal analogue modelling synth? if it is and someone knows how to do it could they possibly explain it to me? if its not possible to do it on this, can it be done on reaktor cos i should have that by mid summer.

's not what Mr. Truax says :


A characteristic RESONANCE region. A musical instrument may have several formant regions dictated by the shape and resonance properties of the instrument. The human voice also has formant regions determined by the size and shape of the nasal, oral and pharyngeal cavities (i.e. the vocal tract), which permit the production of different VOWELs and voiced CONSONANTs.

Formant regions are not directly related to the PITCH of the FUNDAMENTAL frequency and may remain more or less constant as the fundamental changes. If the fundamental is well below or low in the formant range, the quality of the sound is rich, but if the fundamental is above the formant regions the sound is thin and in the case of vowels may make them impossible to produce accurately - the reason singers often seem to have poor diction on the high notes.

I've been asking after this for a while, but as yet haven't had an answer...

If you've got Reason2, the malstrom has some LOVELY vocal formant wavetables. Sounds a lot like delay lama but obviously very very tweakable :Smile3:
almost certainly not exactly what you want , possibly completed unrelated, but vaguely in formant territory:

the waves ultrapitch allows formants to be shifted independently of pitch. fx not a synth but who knows what would happen if you pumped random stuff into it :Wink3:

then on the synth front - by definition you could DIY with an additive synth like Virsyn Cube. I also suspect Tera 2 might have potential in this realm, being as it combines additive, subtractive, fm and several other types of synthesis in one... But I havent checked it out so I dont really know.
Here is a screen shot of an ES1 wiv a Formant preset.
MHC VoxFX and VoxSynth, almost any sort of formant sound u can think of plus an 'extra' vowel!! :Grin:

You can also get a kindof Formant sound by using the Logic Spectral Gate on a thin bandwidth setting (about 1200-1400) BW Mod around 3.8% CF Mod around 8.5% and adjust the speed freq to get your shift.