Fractal Glider


Lost in Europe
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Near Barcelona

1. Tabla Trek
2. Megatonne
3. Titanium Walls
4. Striker
5. Things That Go Bump In The Night
6. My World
7. 6 Degrees
8. Mezmorized (rmx)
9. The Stem Cell

Ooh, ooh it's the new Fractal Glider album, deep from the Oz bush, and another corker from BooM! The album starts off fresh and chilled, with sitars, guitars and a piano guiding us into the rest of the album. Tabla Trek serves its purpose as an intro track. Not too heavy on the psychedelic front, but full enough to drop in the morning. Megatonne throws you straight into the broth. The only way I can describe it is freak robots trying to sneeze. Hmmm. Good melody, dripping acid sounds and festival fever type addicitve beats. Titanium Walls twists and morphs itself into a true stomp-out-loud track. This is one of the stand-out-tracks on the album. Heavy, full-on psy meant to please the neurons in our brains. Striker reminds me a bit of Rain Cryer from the Solid comp on Tribeadelic. Then we are presented with the song we'll no doubt be hearing across the European summer. Things That Go Bump in the Night starts off with good, non-gouda melodies, and keeps this pace for a minute before we are presented with complete Fractal madness. Relentless! Just after half way through, we are introduced to the heart of this track. Finding beauty amidst chaos. This little melody will be echoed across dancefloors across the world. Have to smile everytime I hear it. Best track on here! My World is an invitation to a computer game based in lala land, melodic, full on and acidic towards the end. 6 Degrees is smooth, slower-than-Fractal track, meant for long mental journeys on the dancefloor. Mezmorized is the rmx track from the first album, Parasite. Good remix, packed with effects, electro guitar and a rumbling bassline towards the end. The Stem Cell begins with recognisable melodies, push-me-pull-me bassline, slower and an excellent outro for the album. Sexually charged samples thrown in to guarantee a spanking time.
Love this release. Just in time for the summer. Stand out tracks: 2, 3, 4, 5!!!!, 8.

Good review, mate!

fully agree with you, especially about track 5. One of the few tracks to give me Goose Bumps these days :punk:

definitely worth checking out :Smile3:
great album, my fave full-on stuff in ages. really packed with sounds, great melodies, great psychedelics. what's not to like?
Indeed! AN dPaul is a top bloke too..

Its criminal no-one has booked him to play in the UK....
It costs too much for their flights from Oz. Cheaper to get someone from nearer to home. Still, I'd give my right arm to see Fractal Glider
He was in Holland recently so some 'on the ball' promoter could've booked him an easy jet ticket surely!!!
he was here in belgium...and it was really good :smoke:
very nice full-on album......but parasite was better imo
superd album in my eyes diffinate step up from the parasite album, some real acidy psyked up stormers that build well , one trak that sounds just like planet bens " repeator" wich is one of me all time favs but dont know the name of it , first track on side B well worth it. :partysmi:
Digital Mandala is a great album, i feel it REALLY expands on Parasite in every way possible. The sample from track 3 is superb, kicks the riff in perfectly. 8.5/10
....yeah very good one.....
...there's a big chance we bring him on Event Horizon soon.....

we'll see.... :alien1: