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Hi everyone
I am a new label "Fragile Planet Records" based here in the UK and have my first release "Planetary Exodus" coming out in May,with 9 exclusive tracks featuring Safi -connection, Neuromotor, Mino, IOS, Mr Peculiar, Psychoactive and Legohead. I have just recently joined this forum and thought i would say hi to everybody and i hope you like the compilation when it comes out. :partysmi:
Just to let everyone one know the CD will be available on the 11th of June
Love & Light
Hello Chris, was nice meeting you at the last StereoChem....Put me down for buying one of your releases it's good to support a new label but especially a midlands based one.
Cheers Cosmonaughty thanks for the support, it was a really nice party and am looking forward to the next :drinking:
Welcome aboard Chris, I look forward to hearing the album when it's out :Wink3:
it should be out the middle of next month, i will give you a date in the next week or so..... :peace:
Hi Chris,
Nice big plug for the comp there mate :Wink3:
Chris is a truly nice guy folks! Be nice to him!
Enjoy the forum m8y
speak t'ya soon :Grin:
welcome to the forum dude :Smile3: let us know when u release the comp as im opening an online cd shop....hope it all goes well for you :Wink3:
hey chris,

sounds promising! i will keep my (slightly deaf) ears to the ground for the comp release :Smile3:

just wondering if you're interested in hearing any new demos? i'd love to send you something!

Thanks for all the support guys, i hope to run into some of you over the summer, especially colin oood and psy mike to have a good old chin wag. :peace:
Aloha, that comp looks slightly very delicious. Can't wait.
Good to see you on here. Enjoy and all that :Smile3:
:lol1: welcome bruvur....... :hehe: