Free BPM analyser for digital music files

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Thought some of you might find this useful. Mixmeister Technology have just released a freeware BPM analyser for wav/wma/mp3 files.

We've designed this as a "one-trick pony," meaning it does one thing and does it extremely well, to give users a taste of some of the advanced technology available in our MixMeister line of mixing software. It can automatically detect very precise BPM counts for any song in WAV, MP3 and WMA formats and display the results on-screen. It updates the tag information embedded in digital music files, and users can even print BPM reports for an entire music collection or export this information to Excel, so it can be a great help to any DJ regardless of what software they might use. It can also be useful for song selection even if a DJ is only mixing vinyl or CDs (provided that he has a digital copy of his songs on a PC for BPM Analyzer to read).

You can download it from here