Free delicious sylenth psy presets


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Gothenburg - Sweden
Oh gosh!, just closed up the kitchen for the day!, but bringing my laptop with me where ever i go, (nah).
But I'll check the presets later on tonight or tomorrow!
But anyhow, thanks so much man! Wish more would post free presets for us to learn from! I'll prob try to post free presets etc when ever I'm convinced my psytrance sounds are good enough!

Struggling with my basses ATM, cause I don't really like the outcome of them..
I've tried using everything from FL's Harmor, sylenth1 and Massive.
So far I find, using harmor, it sounds cleaner, then with sylenth1, I find massive to be easier when it comes to the ADSR part, but not enough, to get me closer to what I'm after, my go to note is the note G.
sounds decent in it self, but not "dark" enough, I want more of a "full on" bass but can't do for the life of me figure out how they're doing it.
Artist such alpha portal, electric universe etc.

Any tips??