Free Megabus Ticket


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From London to Bristol

Friday 24th February 2006

depart london victoria @ 16:00
arrive Bristol @ 19:00

Let me know if you want it
... or if you know anyone that may want it

i can give you the reference number... :iyes:

liz :Grin: :Grin: :Grin:


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I usally just scan an old ticket and change the date/serial number. Bit cheeky but it works.

Oh year make sure if you and your mates are all going they all have to have different Serials!!
-Been Banned from Stagecoach for that scam before!


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cheeky scam. tut tut... hehe

well ruskin, i can email you the ticket
just gimme a shout if you want it :Grin:


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i also have another one for
saturday the 4th feb

london to bristol... 19:30 depart

pm me, if you want this one
or the one allready mentioned



will smack you one
Ah I won't be needing it now, going up this saturday instead. I'll ask my mate though :Smile3:



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dan pyro dan has got the ticket for fri 24th feb

i still have a spare ticket for this saturday
4.02.06 .......... evening
(mentioned above)