Free-Spirit DJ's & Production Update May


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London, UK
It’s May 2005 and Free-Spirit DJ’s & Production are very happy to have increased our rosta with Metaphase aka Fabry and Orpheus!
Have a look at our website for profiles of these two artists as well as samples of their music.

New Releases:
Our artists have been very busy the past couple of months, be sure to look out for the following new releases:

April 2005 The Trancers Guide to the Galaxy Compilation
2Hi A.K.A. Marcello V.O.R. & Vibra - Slick Move

May 2005 Psychedelic Dream Temple Compilation Millenium Records
Cimi - More than a Program
M-Klome - They're all nuts

New collaborations to look out for:
Marchello and M-Klome are collaborating under the name SISMA
Jay OM and Max Stellato are collaborating under the name STAR~TRIP
Metaphase aka Fabry and Max Stellato are collaborating under the name Project FM
Samples of their production are available on the individual profiles.

Upcoming Events
Free-Spirit are hosting the PsyTrance room at Pickle at Dance Industry Studios, London on the 4th June 2005 with appearances from M-Klome, Jay OM, Jimmy 9, Marcello V.O.R. and Marchello. We also have guest appearances in the Dance room by Fabry and Mad Theo and the Chillout by Nova and Phil Able.

Our artists are taking to the airwaves on 103.8FM London.
Be sure to catch Jay OM on the 14th May between 8pm & midnight

Love & Light