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I lurk here and don't post often but something we are involved in might well interest some people from the west midlands on here...

pixnmix is a vjing course which will take place in november, two groups of 10 people - on group with experience in some area of art (in its broadest sense) and one without, learning video production, editing and vjing over a week, with 10 days of assisted production time at vivid culminating in a performance at some point in mid december alongside some of the leading lights of a/v performance.

The course is entirely free as it is funded by IdeasFactory and the European Social fund and is being run by, brighton arts, vivid and syzygy visuals.

the launch/recruitment event is Tuesday 19th October (next tuesday) in the Theatre space at the Custard Factory in Digbeth from 6pm to 11:30pm and will have a VJ playground (come along and try it out) and performances from absolute & syzygy, videocy and screenings of some fantastic a/v material. Recruitment forms will also be available online, and more info at:

currently just a holding page with details of the launch event but if you can't make it on tuesday and want to apply, keep on eye on this page.

Sounds great, unfortunately I'm in Denver, Colorado for a dull work conference (and have no money for a holiday afterwards) all next week, nevermind...

sounds good man, would love to see some more AV performances..
wonder if the megabus goes to birmingham??
bangle said:
wonder if the megabus goes to birmingham??

yes it does :Smile3: I'll post on here with the end event as well as that'll be more full on - this one tommorow will have some a/v stuff during the night but not throughout it as we expect people to play around with vj and av stuff during the night whilst there aren't performances.