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The other thorn in their side is this guy:

(I did the original version of this site, but it's grown in leaps and bounds since then)

If the exclusion zone goes through, he will be moved on without any recourse.



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Barclay (Dark Angel) said:
Or, even a hackers attack on the MOD computer systems. (it can be done - the Yanks have been working on it for years.)

Actually just being the pedant that i am id like to point out that we have a betetr system in place over here than in the US ... We don't put our military networks on the internet. Hence they are far far far harder to hack :Wink3:


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Goz said:
Actually just being the pedant that i am id like to point out that we have a betetr system in place over here than in the US ... We don't put our military networks on the internet. Hence they are far far far harder to hack :Wink3:

To be fair to the Yanks, what is now the internet was originally *designed* so that their military and educational computers could communicate - though they really should have moved the military machines to a separate network when they threw open the doors in the late '80s/early '90s.



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Barclay (Dark Angel) said:

So why are the govt doing it?
I feel that they want us to have freedom of speech but not the freedom to be heard. It’s another barrier against the voice of the people. They will tell us that we can write a letter to express our freedom. A letter that will be filed away never to see the light of day.

A good friend of mine helped at the Basingstoke count in the resent election as we had gotten behind a local candidate who had taken to sleeping rough in the park in the ten days leading up to the election as a form of protest. He and my friend were amazed and repulsed by the main candidates who had no knowledge or even belief that there were homeless people in Basingstoke even though Roger the Candidate had spent ten days getting to know many of these people during his time in the park.

I can only conclude that people in power want to brush these matters under the carpet and out of sight whilst in power in order to pursue there own reasons for attaining such a position and only discus such matters as a form of white washing there public image.

From what my friend saw at the count he was left in no doubt that these candidates had no understanding of the world out side their bubble and no desire to understand it.
This is why I believe it is they set up these barriers against our speech. They don’t wont to hear what actually going on or they might have to do something about it and not have time or money to get what they want out of the role. Like a child with its finger in its ears La lalalal lala la I can’t hear you.


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something interesting that i read:

"When American Vice - President Dick Cheney said that the war on terrorism could last for fifty years or more, his words evoked George Orwells great prophetic work, 1984. We are to live with the threat and illusion of endless war, it seems in order to justify increased social control and state repression, while great power pursues its goal of global supremacy. Washington is transformed into 'Chief City of Airstrip One' and every problem is blamed on the 'enemy', the evil Goldstein as orwell called him. he could be Osama Bin Laden or his successors, the 'axis of evil'.

In the novel, three slogans dominate society: war is peace, freedom is slavery and ignorance is strength. Todays slogan, 'war on terrorism', also reverses meaning. The war is terrorism. The most potent weapon in this 'war' is pseudo-information, different only in form from that Orwell described, consigning to oblivion unacceptable truths and historical sense. dissent is permissable within 'consensual' boundaries, reinforcing the illusion that information and speech are 'free'.

The attacks of 9/11 did not 'change everything' but accelarated the continuity of events, providing an extraordinary pretext for destoying social democracy. the undermining of the bill of rights in the US andf the further dismantling of trial in Britain and a pleathora of related civil liberties are part of the reduction of democracy to electoral ritual: that is competition between indistinguishable parties for the management of a single-ideology state"

- John Pilger



Biggins2012 said:
flickibng chips dipped in tomato ketchup (cheers jamez :Smile3: ) so they stick to the politicians...gotta be a winnner!!!

I think they now have a screen in the pubic gallery, wasn't there a flour attack during the anthrax paranoia?


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It strikes me that if they dangle all these threats of freedom over our heads such as the ID card business that then they don’t implement them, say Aren’t we a great malevolent government who’s greatest concern is your freedom. We all rejoice and they in the mean time take our freedom from some other quarter. Then Mulder and Scully get shot by Skinner and wer’’e all fucked.


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nahh..they talk about it. gauge the public reaction. if its not so bad they push it through. if there is uproar they say "oh ok......we'll leave it" then introduce something more outrageous to take the heat away then push the original thing through.

lies its all lies.....

maybe a taser would be better.....
I won't get into a debate with you re Fathers 4 Justice then... though I may set up another thread regrding it. I have *very* strong views here.

Anyways, yes they did construct a mega buck screen before the attack. Bloody lot of good it did though... they just went to the side of it, and threw the "bombs" from there. Another massive great waste of public money.

My initial question, why are they doing it, was of course, rhetorical. The bottom line is power, ego, and control for most of them. For Blair though, it's different. Think of him as an evangelist, and you'll get the picture. He genuinely believes in all he does. He has "faith"! All of which makes him incredibly dangerous. 5 wars in 6 years. When he's right he's right. But when he's wrong, he's spectacularly wrong, and causes all kinds of knock on negative effects - such as being a brilliant recruiter for terrorist organisations.

The political matra - "tough on crime and terrorism" - is a useful secondary benefit for him. He reckons it wins him votes, and when the sheep who believe all they read in the Sun/Mail/Telegraph are considered, he's probably right. But that's not the point. He's on a mission to save the world - and the rest of us have to put up with it....




God mintsmak
It's just so much easier for them to ignore us when we're kept that distance away from them.

...out of sight, out of mind, eh?

Personally I'm absolutely disgusted at El Presidente yet again doing his best to remove more of our political rights and freedoms, whilst giving us no recourse. Suppose it's what we should expect from a man who was regularly singing the praises of political gurus who were advocating taking away more of our civil rights in the future.

ps: don't forget that guru is just an abbreviation for charlatan!


dave arc-i said:
hooray niw i feel really chinese with all my democratic 'freedoms' and now we have our very own equivalent to tiannamen square - whoopie

next week lets go and build a statue of liberty and get squashed by an errant challenger battle tank - if they aren't all in iraq that is

2nd-ed - count me in.

do you happen to know what goes on the charge sheet if you are arrested? is it 'unlawful free speech' or just plain treason?