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The Dungeon of Agony
After numerous discussions some of the psy forum members decided to create a username that is open to all. apparently there already are a few usernames used by more than one person, we wanted to create one that is obvious, and available, to everyone.

freespeak is here to allow for anonimity on a forum where many of us are getting to know each other in the real world, thus allowing you to voice your opinions on any matter without fear of reprisals, judgment or ridicule.

it is not meant to be a vehicle for overly abusive, negative posts, merely as a means to voice an honest, heartfelt opinion in complete anonimity. that said the whole idea is freedom of speech so 'do what thou whilst' should be the whole of the law?

we hope this doesn't contravene the rules of the forum and sincerely hope it acts as a catalyst for positive growth in an environment we have all grown to love...