friends in UK?? a little hi from Brasil...


hey everyone! My name is Paola, i am from brasil, and arrive in london by june 12.
just wanna say a hello to everyone here and that i cant wait to be there... i do know some brazlians who is living there in london, but i would like to meet ppl from all over...
my msn is, so, if anyone feel like talking to me, come on, do it!
sorry about my english, i dont practice it for a while... i think it will be better by the time i get there..

thats it for now... hope we meet somewhere, someday...

ow, just tell me something, how is the progressive trance scene there? do you know a kind of music called psygressive?

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Hey there, welcome aboard. :peace: Yes we have some progressive parties here, just check out the Parties section. Psygressive? You mean the psy/progressive crossover stuff??? Sure you get it all over here. Enjoy :Grin: :Smile3:


oh, i am counting the days to get there... i should be in london by april 15, but i broke a bone, and have to postpond my trip...
my boyfriend is already there, and he is having some trouble finding a place to stay. so, if anybody here is looking for some foreign room mates, here we are! just email me... and, if any of u know some good and cheap place for rent, tell me!

that s it! cya


Hiya, dont worry about the english! Better then most of our portugese Im sure!