Frogacult rock


Yeah - their remix of Gentic Spins 'Low Rider' is in my top 5 trance tracks of all time :Smile3: They completely rock... shame acts like Frogacult never seem to make it to the UK (as far as I know?)


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Frogacult are playing a live set at a party organised by PSYdmt in Camden sometime in the autumn. Femme fatale is one of my fave Frogacult tracks.


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Frogacult and in general Iboga rock!
will go see them at psyDMT soon :Wink3: heard some of their tracks played last friday at psyDMT and they're wicked!!



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sounds cool , I heard that the Dj's played some tracks from the new Jaia album, which I think is a nice funky sound.