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ok so these arent the newest tunes, some of em i've played a few times before, but this is my current top 10. hopefully i'll look back at this and laugh in a year! most of my efforts are in my own music but i do like to get behind the decks every now n then...
in no particular order...

1. Vibrasphere- Purple Floating (Cosma rmx)
2. Vibra- Freeway
3. Fromem Ory- all new tracks, none have been named yet!
4. Cosma- Lemon Light
5. Altom- Cycles
6. Star-X- Variation between Soap, Output and Timekeeper
7. Rinkadink- Syntax and Whiskey (rmx?)
8. Dickster- Dizzy Drops
9. Boyz N the Wood-new stuff, untitled, but a new brand of forest trance!
10. Silicon Sound- variation between Generator M, Electro Body Music, Shodan and the Shell :P:P

dont to much tune searching... but these are my favs at the moment
honorable mention...
Domestic- Simulated
Synthdroid- Maculans
Cosma- The Time Has Come (i'm sorry but Cosma rules)
Psysex- Altered States (RMX)
Excellent dude!

Domestic - Simulated is so smooth. Definitely need to tune in to that at 7am in the woods :? Fabulous example of his potential.

Was actually listening to Star - X album in the car last night, i'd forgotten how sunshiney nice it was.

Cosma & Psysex tracks are awesome.... and not forgetting the wonderful sounds of Altom & Silicon...... dude i fink we have similar tastes :Grin: