Full-Head Hair Braiding


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Hello there :Grin:

I do full-head hair braiding for £70

It can take anything from 9 - 11hrs with synthetic hair(of which you will need to get approx 6 bags), whereas if you want wool this tends to take longer (last one 14hrs :blink: ) and = £80!

If you have an undercut then it is £40 (may vary depending on size of undercut) The length of your hair does not effect the price, although it should be longer than 3" for the braids to stay in securely.

If you are from any area get in touch because I'm often travelling around.


Post or PM any questions - and same goes for bookings :peace: XXX
This girl really can braid for England. She did my girlfriends hair in UV wool, and the end result was fantastic! If ya want it done then UV22 is ya girl!
If anybody wants there hair braiding before Omni/Boom I'm in the UK until 13th August (and in need of festie money) :Grin:

Ready and willing to Travel :shrooms:
can you do beards? not that i have one at the moment but it's in the post!

They rock

we did a all night braiding session and was so much fun :Smile3: am sporting my pink braids in that pic

shame is a old pic ( want my braidies back )

maybe when i get back,


they rocked big time x
nice one :Wink3:

Over the next few weeks I'll be in London, Kent, Brighton and Wolves. So any1 wanting new hair get in touch :tongue1:

ultraviolet22 said:
I did my first beard this morning actually.

The recipient said he can now think for much longer :Grin:

Maybe I should consider it....not been thinking for long enough recently :Grin:
do mine!

Hello doll, I am living in wolverhampton at the moment, could you braid/extend my hair for me?? I need it done kinda quickly though thats the only thing :S I'm in Walsall will you be easy enough to get to? anyway pm me when you can, thanks :Smile3:

Jon Kenobi said:
Maybe I should consider it....not been thinking for long enough recently :Grin:

Jon...I think we all know it's best that you don't think. The results would be catastrophic! :Wink3:

Hey Bubble Junkie :Smile3: good on you. You have chosen to go on the long journey of transformation! Best make sure we've got a good supply of biscuits! :smokingr:

I'll pm you :peace:
Hey guys...I'll now be moving to Brixton so if any of you Londoners fancy a new head (of hair) for the festive season get in touch :partysmi:

hello! after having the uv22 treatment, in the comfort of my own home with great company, conversation & biscuits, i am a very happy pixi indeed!


thanx babe!

x * x * x