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This is a mix I've done a few months ago.

Here is the link

This is a bittorrent file since I don't have nearly enough bandwidth to share this otherwise. Note that once you start downloading the mix you will also be uploading it to other users. So, in effect we would all be uploading it to each other. What's so great about bittorrent is that the more people download it the faster it gets. I hope that made sense :Grin:

If you don't know what bittorrent is you'll need this to download the mix:


Once you install that it works pretty much as any other download :Smile3:

If this works out as planned I'll upload another minimal/progressive mix.
Well, 3 people dowloaded the mix which is better then none I guess :Smile3:

Just wondering if its lack of interest or is it the bittorrent thing thats puting everyone off? And I thought bittorrent was such a great idea :Sad:
bittorrent is a great idea, but i can't stream it to winamp, and sometimes i only get 1 k per second...
i tried a coupla times, but the most i've got is 5kps, which is going to take 6.5 hours.
i don't think most people are going to wait that long.
i'd like to hear it tho.
yeah, its not as fast as I'd like it to be. I can't find that much webspace though so this is all I can offer :Smile3: Thanks for trying psytrix :Grin:

same here for me, this is incredible slow. why don't you try to upload it to


only 3 people can download it per day then, but atleast they host your mix and the speed is ok!

good luck