Fully improvised chill-out live set

great idea....Ritchie Assimilon (Psymmetrix) did this a few years ago using only reason..was fuckin psychedelic....soundscapey stuff is fun too. i reckon some live instruments and delays would add nicley to this type of jam....


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Mmm. Since Pascal has been collecting a few more old analogue pieces (to go with his already quite large analogue arsenal): like an 808, I think we might do most of it via hardware.

Maybe use a couple of mics too for real instruments as you suggest Cameron. I play a bit of low whistle for example.


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yeah, keep us informed!

Petran (bristol based psycle resident) and myself are working on a similar project - but with a bit more emphasis on stringed instruments. having two sets of hands is going to be super-important.



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Great thing about impro is that it can go anywhere, music in & for the moment. A few of us did a small party up in the Scottish highlands with a variety of instruments/ influences...we all enjoyed the mixture & the amazing synchronicity that appears from random acoutic elements. A bit like those moments when you're sitting in a stoned circle and realise that you are all thinking/ feeling exactly the same. We are trying to get a small group of cross discipline musicians together in W.Yorks, to form 'Random Elements', send me a PM if you're up for it. :ibiggrin:


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This is something that has been going round my head for a while and it's a really interesting subject i reckon. I've been thinking about it ever since I saw a guitarist busking making loops up in a lexicon jam man. He would play a riff, thentap the body of the guitar to make a rythym, switch to a bass sound on his pedal, and then widdle around. So I've thought about getting a laptop and doing ambient soundscape busking! I heard Robert fripp did it once in Bristol and no-one paid him a blind bit of notice!

If you think about how Robert Fripp does his soundscapes, he wil have, say an eight bar section which he would overlay with a 5 bar section so that the loops are constantly shifting against each other and producing new harmonics. I'm sure it's more complicated than that but that's the basis.

What I've tried so far is setting up a number of pads and synths as plug-ins in logic and then just moving up and down between the tracks, using record toggle on and off to record and then play bits over the top. If you set up some percussion plug-ins you can use the input quantize on midi thru to do some rythmical parts and then you can put in a bass line etc (just send a click out to some headphones). What I'm looking to find out is if there is some software where you can get loops of a different length working against each other (like Fripp). Logic cycles round the cycle bar (say bar 1-16) and so you end up with the same loops in the same place. I've never used Ableton live before. Bet some of you guys use it, reckon this would do the trick?


if im getting what your saying then yes, Live will do this.

looping clips of differing lengths on different tracks yes ?

...and i beleive that if you have it setup correctly you can pre-define the clip length so when your recording into a clip as soon as you reach the end of your clip Live will quantise and loop it for you.

if im wrong then thats what you get for reading sequencer manuals in bed at night!!! ZZZzzzzzZZZzzzzz.......

also FYI ableton "clips" are like "parts" in logic.... *tries to remember if they were actually called parts in logic..LOL !

i knows what i mean ! :Wink3:


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I'd use Live, a hardware synth, a Line6 DL4 Delay and a couple of well behaved percussionists.

But that's just me :Smile3:


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I've always dreamt of a machine that could make live trance...

hehe good luck with it chris.. we used to take cid or smoke and jam for hours in our house in indooroopilly, sometimes one long miasmic progression (or 12 bar blues rodeo!) .. but that was with drums n guitars... yeaaaaaa that was fun. total synchronicity deffo!


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makdaddy said:
if im getting what your saying then yes, Live will do this.

looping clips of differing lengths on different tracks yes ?

cheers.....yep that's the nuggett. live sounds pretty cool to me. gonna have to get it i reckon. logic sounds quite linear in comparison...it's just that that's another piece of software to learn and i'm only just becmoing really comfortable with logic.