Fully Pumping Tunes....


Beatz and Freqz
Fucking Quality mate!!! You are true inspiration to me!!in my opinion your music is better than 99% of psy trance currently available!!! Keep up the good work!!

Wee Waw

I like it - very hallucinogen. Good quality sound and production, what equipment do you use exactly? Don't suppose you've made any songs slightly faster and harder by any chance?


Cheers for the great response - i didn't expect to see this message again as i posted it over a year ago :Smile3:

I should really get some new tunes up there as i've only uploaded one since i posted the message

Audioscope - thanks for the complement. I had a listen to your tunes on the mp3unsigned site - very impressed especially with Trypta-mine. I love multi-levels of percussion mixed with percussive synth sounds so there was a lot in that track for me to enjoy :Grin:. I also liked the old school-esqu middle of Freq of nature which reminds me i must get more done on that 3 blind mice tune!

Wee Waw - it's all done in Logic on softsynths - i have no hardware at all which is something i need to get sorted really. The tunes on the website mostly just use the Logic ES2 over and over again but the later ones have the v-station, z3ta+ and discovery2.
There are TOF parties on the last weekend every month - next weekend (24th) it's Jumanji live which i'm looking forward to as they've been awesome both times i've seen them before at the Glade. If you wanted a good one to come to it would be that one!

Mr Faster - i'd certainly be up for playing at a night though at the moment i have no way of doing so as i have no live set and can't mix! i intend to work on that though so keep me in mind for the future :Wink3:

Rincewind - You're a sweaty mook Paul! Coming to see Jumanji?

Zen Cat

Shizzle to the Nizzle
Hi Rantici,

Just checking out Viscous Layer at the moment. Sounds great! Loveing the squelchiness. Nice crisp kick, clear percussion and great synth work. You've got to start getting a set together! This stuff would sound great live!