Fungus Funk- F. People (Acidance Records, January 2006)


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Fungus Funk – F. People

Artist : Fungus Funk
Title : F. People
Label : Acidance Records
Catalog # : ACIDCD016
Release Date : 15 January 2006
Distribution : ZMA LABEL GROUP

01 – It’s Time to Wake Up
02 – Extra Active
03 – Synthetic News
04 – F. People
05 – Mushroom Lunch
06 – Pop On
07 – Ten-Dance
08 – Harmful & Wrong
09 – Yumi (Final Mix)
10 – Child’s Dream

Fun People? Far-out People? Family People? Freaky People? Fungus People?

Ever since Sergey Prilepa began putting out tracks as Fungus Funk back in 2001, releasing over the years on such fine labels as Acidance, Discovalley, Crystal Matrix, and many many more, people have been screaming for an album. Well, the long wait is finally over, and that day has come. Acidance Records is very proud to present for your listening pleasure, F People, the debut full length album from this twisted Russian producer. Filled to overflowing with the groovy basslines, aggressive synths, warm melodious pads, and signature psychedelic atmospheres, the world needs to brace itself for this dancefloor mover. Complex textures and arrangements lead the listener through an intricate journey of that hazy period of time between night and morning. Already tested at parties around the world, the balanced selection of 10 previously unreleased tracks presented here are guaranteed to please the third eye and your leg muscles. It’s time to wake up from the child’s dream and experience the synthetic news of the mushroom lunch. The Fungus Funk revolution is on the way… You have been warned. This is Another blast cooked from your acidance laboratories


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Something nice and pleasant to look forward to :Smile3:


bit more than a week then

*taps fingers*

Yeah, someone stole it for me quite a while ago. Didn't realise it still wasn't out. Stupidity like this will end up costing Acidance which is a shame.