Fuzzion - Black Magic [Boshke Beats]


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Artist: Fuzzion
Album: Black Magic
Label: Boshke Beats
Web: http://www.boshkebeats.com

Sonic-energy: http://www.sonic-energy.net/core/content/view/168/2/



01. Distort & Discord [120 BPM's]
02. Tango de Color Mango [130]
03. Black Magic [130]
04. C41 [130]
05. Frog on the Run [125]
06. Recharge [132]
07. Shezabitch [137]
08. Yellow Mellow [135]
09. Starfall[130]
10. Little Girl[125-28]
11. Sound Surface [120]
12. ICU [125]

What's This about?

Fuzzion is an understatement. I would refer to it more as percolate of styles, Vladimir Kozlov has been brooding with love since the early 90's to present new idea altogether of electronic music not easily categorized. Previously released in TIP world, Tatsu, Z.M.A, Hadshot, Horns and Hoofs and of course Boshke the time is right for the man to introduce his Black Magic for all those audiophiles in search of novel sonic entrainment.

Per-song Break down

1- Distort and Discord *

If there is anything Fuzzion can do well is distort those bass lines to near static junk and this is a good example of his work. The wind hurls of passing airplanes (or spaceships perhaps) give it a very outer space touch, accompanied by windy pads and little blips transporting us to a space-age anthem of noir, every-man for himself type of qualities. The line rest on top with delicate textures, as the drums rumble below with very convincing results for the overall package.

2- Tango De Color Mango

The mango comes loaded with unabridged electro influences and once again those scratchy distorted elements find a way to surface from the leads. The bass comes and goes like a lagging child suddenly delaying to near abstraction by bits. The percussion alone with half a gazillion different drums and novel use of hi-hats will work wonders in any progg-electro jumble.

3- Black Magic *

Black magic is a delicious treat that does justice to the self-titled album. Inside sounds bubble and oscillate like a loose electric cord, maintaining that strident pace Kozlov knows how to deliver so well. The rhythms allow a jungle of percussive elements to surface comfortably, since that is after all half of his knack. The magical touch comes from ancient gypsy line radiating to the plucked bass by the break with sheer brilliance.

4- C41 *

We're back to heavily distorted bass slices redoubling in the pace with all inhibitions thrown out the window and a clear invitation to bend those hips under the hypnotism of the crescent melodies. I'm not sure why it reminds me of the 60's version of batman, most probably because of the intent. A somber melody that no matter how low you shove it in the scale, it's still exuding a funky upbeat influence on the listener. < BAM! >

5- Frog on the Run

Frog on the run is another departure from an electro vein exploring break beats and a jazzy-aphex twin touch with organic dashes and classy accompaniments. The track switches by the middle with dense section of drums imitating a rock drummer more than a electronic pace-maker & it works.

6- Recharge

An all groove number with the classical slinky distortion and an undivided attention towards the rhythm with underlying accompaniments. This time around I find the charge a bit too scratchy and distorted, but a good tune to follow on the dance floor if you happened to purchase the new Bus album.

7- Shezabitch

Talk about the cheekiest set of electro bass lines coming out in a respected tune since… well I’m not sure, I don’t really listen to this type of music much. The lyrics say it all, and since there might be under aged audiences reading I won’t repeat it. Suffice to know Fuzzion does not like the ex and even though the lyrics clearly specify it, the rhythm is on the other hand begging her to stay and dance for a little longer. I have my days with this track while it mostly brings a corny smile to my face.

8 – Yellow Mellow *

Like the name indicates yellow is a rather mellow number with cute lines that recall a lot of the cinematic old-school IDM of the 90’s. The midsection brings very cool guitar bits Vladimir picked up in his teens for the alternative band he used to play in. I tend to agree with his vision.

9 – Starfall

Number nine, has ‘first summer love’ memories to reminisce, either hugging a pillow or even better a real person. Alternatively you might find a bit too sweet toothed for the stomach. It does retain a Russian scent of syrupy electro-pop-IDM and god knows what else that stands somewhere between Wolfsheim (without the lyrics) and Paraplan.

10 – Little Girl + Hidden Track*

Hidden girl is another emotional number with dreamy lines that stands bit further from “Starfallâ€, nevertheless using very cool guitar riffs and solid theme to close album. The hidden experiment starting after the 6th minute brings a departure from the song that defined the summer of love back in 1969 for Jefferson Airplane with “White Rabbitâ€. Grace Slyck’s voice thunders over the synth-adapted guitars with ease and by god this 3 minute blip will do wonders to open your sets with a cult flashback in time, asserting you as knowledge as savvy neo-hippie. Miss Slyck back in the 70’s once attempted spike President Nixon’s coffee with LSD and there was a whole plot, but sadly it never materialized. One can’t help but wonder what kind of world we would have grown in if this had happened.

All and All

Following on Horns and Hoof’s footsteps last year with Kino Oko, Boshke has delivered another solid piece to sink your brain in original material, I would categorize it as adult listening (forget electro, techno, IDM, boogie-woogie… those terms turn meaningless here). The sincere effort to pull away from progressive beats you could swear has been repeated a thousand times, albeit with the same speed. Fuzzion’s riding a distinct wave altogether to poise dance floors with new a proposal, influenced by Kozlov’s background as progressive rocker and his electronic experiments. All that remains in my head after listening to Black Magic for a less than week is Grace’s voice repeating the words “Feed your head… feed your headâ€.

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