Gataka - In Trance We Trust


Can't find a thread on this anywhere so I'm guessing there isn't one. A largely full-on solid album.

1) Deeper Level (with Aquatica) - Kicks off in good style. Definitely hear Aquatica's input.
2) Blast from the Past - Nice bassline, rolls along.
3) Night Becomes Day - didn't really do anything for me.
4) Viva La Mexico - Nothing special
5) How to Create a Monster - Good all round. Nice builds, nice drops, nice sounds, nice kicks.
6) Weird 60's Experience - This track kicks ass. Starts nice and solid. Then a slowed down random 60's guitar with vocals in mid-section interlude. Tastefully done though.
7) Down to Earth - Very solid track. Does what you want full-on to do.
8) The Mind Twister - Going well until the sample which is repeated far too many times.
9) One Way Ticket - Nothing special.
10) Isralizer - Has a very Blue Monday sounding quality to it. Very morning trance.

All in all a quality album with a few plain tracks. 8/10


Acid Will Never Die
i think this album would have been really stomping if the samples had been cleaned up and made to sound as good as the other elements. to me, they sound like utter shite, and that drags the whole album down. a common problem with full-on.