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Interchill Records is happy to announce that the track Ayahuasca Deep Fall from the album Bass, Sweat & Tears by Gaudi has been selected as the Single of the Week on the English and French iTunes stores for a week from may 31st to June 6th. This is a great start to a busy summer touring season, which will see Gaudi playing main stage festival gigs at Glastonbury, The Glade, Omni and Sonica among others.

Single of the Week offers iTunes users in UK or France the opportunity to download the track Ayahuasca Deep Fall for free. There will also be a feature on Gaudi's excellent album Bass, Sweat & Tears on both the iTunes main page and the electronic page.

In addition, anyone in UK or France who installs an iPod/iTunes this week will be offered the track for free download.

About the track:

Ayahuasca deep fall tells the story of Piers Gibbon, English botanist and casual anthropologist, on his ‘Jungle Trip’ quest, deep into the heart of the Amazon Rain forest to learn about and experience the teaching and healing properties of the shamanic brew of the ‘sacred vine’ Ayahuasca ( This is an uncompromising track – like the Ayahuasca– and is a jungle trip in itself. It’s starts strongly yet minimally with the sounds of the Berimbao (played by Joao Grande) and builds in intensity; its rolling percussion and psychedelic vocals create breaks of space and tribal dimensions in the driving bass line and subtle but elaborate rythms. The voices are those of Piers, Francoise Freedman a French anthropolgist, and the rain forest Shaman Don Demetrio, the chant is his original accappella from the Ayahuasca ceremony. Percussion is by Tehomas Bow.
This is a clean track with a dirty bassline!

The Single of the Week promotion is for the English and French iTunes stores - the album and the tracks are available from the other iTunes stores.

If you prefer a physical copy, then visit where cd's are 12US$. The lastest Interchill Records compilation Earth Octave Lounge volume 2 is also available, and is being well received worldwide.

For more info, licensing enquiries and film placements, please contact

One Love.

Drat Mafia

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heheh that jungle trip was a great program....Poor Piers got a lot of abuse, not only from south american shamens who thought he was weak, and toughened him up the jungle juice way, but also from some weird American self proclaimed shaman who got him nailed on ayahuasca then insisted he get naked so he could whip his balls repeatedly with stinging nettles heheheheh :Smile3:

Oh ye the best bit......he went on a 'sacred' mission all the way to the Amazon find ayahuasca vine only to have it confiscated and burnt by customs when he got back, as he didn't arrange for the proper papers for it :Smile3:

Funny yet still good program, mainly as it was very honest. Great track too......