Gaudium - Nordic Nature (Spiral Trax 2005) CD


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Aalborg, Denmark
Gaudium – Nordic Nature


Artist: Gaudium (Sweden)
Title: Nordic Nature
Format: CD (jewel case)
Label: Spiral Trax (Sweden)
Cat. #: SPITCD021
Distribution: Cosmophilia
Date: 26 Jul 2005

Track listing:

01. 08’14†Nordic Nature
02. 08’16†Sleepwalker
03. 08’12†Walking In Circles
04. 08’45†Muzzic
05. 08’45†PsychoWhiteChocolateDiscoDeluxe
06. 08’47†Phunky People
07. 08’46†Wunderschön
08. 07’36†Moxjo Depth
09. 07’37†Higher Zonez


Back on plastix!

Finally Spiral Trax is back with a new artist release… One of my fav’e progressive labels! It’s been more than a year since the release of the Atmos album 2nd Brigade… DJ Anti claims this break from releasing was due to ‘lack of interesting music in the trance scene’ and therefore he focussed on his progressive house label ACDC instead… Anyway, things shaped up and he scouted the talent of Swedish producers Denis Bajramovski & Andreas Wennersköld… Gaudium is the Latin word for ‘satisfaction’ and in the wake of all the hype this album has been getting since the release in July, I’m indeed hoping for some satisfaction…

Let me take you thru the tracks…

#01: Nordic Nature
The title track is already pretty known – and has been released on a couple of compilations already… And yeah, I can see why this is the reference track so to speak… This is progressive psytrance in its purest form: Groovy percussion, phat melodic pads and an overall reverb-groove that is hard to top… Kinda like FREq, only more uplifting… Yeah – this is wholesome, epic Swedish trance… Sweet!

#02: Sleepwalker
“You got to realize that you're dreaming in the first place. You got to be able to recognize it. You got to be able to ask yourself, hey man is this a dream? See, most people never ask themselves that when they're awake, or especially when they're asleep!†This track has also been getting a lot of attention this summer – and I totally understand that… This is a little harder than the previous, epic track – and I’m all about ‘harder’… Oh yes, this has a Tegma/Beat Bizarre/Atmos flavour to it – and the reverb is still very much in place… Just listen to those stabbing synths … They always send shivers down my spine! Also the Waking Life samples are nicely placed… Fuck yes; this is what I’m talking about! Uplifting progressive trance in the finest form! ...Solid track!

#03: Walking In Circles
Subtle, tribal intro here… I dig the deep, semi-polished metallic percussion used in this track… Yeah – the rhythm section fills pretty much the entire spectre of sound here… It’s a big, phat happy wall of sound… Loopy to say the least – hence the title! Epic, driving stuff… Reminds me of Antix or 12 Moons in some parts… The second half of the track – after the break-down – is really the best… A real crowd-pleaser… Another nice track!

#04: Muzzic
This was one of the very first Gaudium track to surface – it was released by Midijum Records in early 2005 on the SoulSeeker 2 compilation… I can see why this is popular – it’s very well-polished, uplifting, epic progressive trance with twirling little melodies on top… All very nice – but also a little predictable – and dare I say – boring? Also, I’m not too impressed with the low-pitched samples in the second half of this track! Anyway - this is a good track some variation wouldn’t do any harm…

#05: PsychoWhiteChocolateDiscoDeluxe
Haha – great track name here… Also, we’re finally getting a little variation now… The beats are cut-up and gritty – and some deepness was really welcome… I really like how this track builds and builds from start to finish… A very rewarding journey! Pounding as a jackhammer and tight as hell… Deep, driving, progressive trance – with a hint of underground! Just what the doctor ordered… Nice track!

#06: Phunky People
This track has just been released on 12†with an interesting remix of Walking In Circles on the flip…Anyway, this is another track which is a huge wall of sound… A relentlessly phunky bassline and reverbs all over the place… The breakdown is ok I guess – but a little too long… Also, I’m not the biggest fan of the ‘funky’ samples… A decent track…

#07: Wunderschön
And we’re digging deeper now, on this almost-minimal choon…The pace has decreased a little, and I guess the guys are experimenting a little now… I’m all for experimentation, but somehow I never really connected with the oddball parts of this track… I like the suave parts the most, but still… It’s mostly too boring for my taste… Another decent track…

#08: Moxjo Depth
Ahh – this is much better now… There’s indeed depth here… Oh yes, this one comes across as very FREqqy in some parts with harmonic synth-parts all over the place – and enough groove to go around twice… I like the electro-inspired little acid-parts here… And the breakdown works much better on this track… Oh yes, this is well-polished without being too damn clubby… I like it!

#09: Higher Zonez
We finish off with another semi-cheesy number… The intro is very Balearic – and it goes on like that for most of the track… Reminds me of Antix or Threshold Productions… Very uplifting and floating… Some would say beautiful – I say cheese! This one didn’t *do* it for me… Sorry to say so!

Lots of people have dubbed this the best progressive album of 2005 so far… I disagree! The Tegma, Jaïa, Phony Orphants and Beat Bizarre albums are all better… But don’t get me wrong – this is good album with some very, very good tracks on it… Unfortunately it also has a couple of mediocre, boring and predictable tracks on it… So, in my book the quality consistency level isn’t up to par with the amount of awesome, funky, butt-shaking tracks here… The funny thing is that if you took most of these tracks out of context, I’m pretty sure they would be stand-out tracks – but on this CD some of them drown in overkill… And that’s sad!

Let me stress once more though, that this isn’t a bad album at all… In fact, there are more good tracks than there are bad tracks… I just like my progressive trance to take more chances – and have greater variation… And you can say a lot of things about this album, but variation isn’t one of them… So, as good as this might be as a DJ tool, it’s not as good for home-listening… The good tracks are indeed good – and the weaker tracks are indeed weak!

The mastering by the Son Kite guys sound flawless as always and I like the clinic ‘cold’ touch of the artwork… It fits the music and the title perfectly… Well done! Fans of the more commercial side of progressive trance will most definitely like this, whereas fans of edgy progressive might easily get bored… But to conclude, this is generally a good album – but not among the best this year… Enjoy!

Favourites: 1, 2(!!), 3, 5, 8


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Psilocybe Tribe
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...behind the decks ! ;)
An absolute tickety boo album. My current fave. esp.track 3.


Direct DJ
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Good, Solid and Phat, me likes lots, kind of progressive trance nicely rounded up on one disc!! :Wink3: Buy It!