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G'day...Just a quick hello as I'm new here, am heading to europe in april and want to start getting edjucated on the land and make some new friends...

Looking forward to meeting some new faces :Wink3:

Take care all...

*tips hat*
:welcome: & have a nice Trip through Europe... :Smile3:
Well fancy meeting you here....... :Wink3:

We must meet up for shennanigans!!!! Keep me posted where you are at!

By the way everyone... this guy rocks - His tunes are awesome! :Smile3:

Love & hugs RAE -xx- :P
yo dude welcome to the another world
have fun! :lol1: :Grin: :party:
AAAAHHHH RAE!!! Wicked, I'll leave you with a whole heap of tunes to bring over at your going away party, were will you be staying?

I'll be baseing the lable in amstardam (sp) but first gig in in Belgium and around there, all the countrys are really close to each other yeah? How far away will I be from london?

Can wait!
oooh another oztrancer I see! :welcome: enjoy yer stay!!

Have a good trip :welcome: to our forum

Love & light

Mrs B :Smile3: