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Genetic Spin are already well known from their performances around the globe as well as many releases on labels like Novatekk, Leviathan, Interzone, Ayahuasca, Nervine and Creamcrop, where they released a CD-maxi and debut album in 2003. They started doing music 3 years ago and being only 23 years of age they're considered to be one of the most promising acts coming out of Denmark.

The Genetic sound has always been unique, but with this release they've increased their production level and are ready with a new and bigger sound, featuring pumping basslines and different layers in their sound, all to give a more psychedelic and full on feeling, but also keeping true to the Genetic groovyness we all know too well. Furthermore the album includes a rmx by the well known French artist Silicon Sound.

okdokie then , this has been the album thats grabbed my attention out of all the ones ive herd over the week and its bloomin lovley .. quite dark but lovley fluidity in each track.
here's a brief review of each track ....

1. Birds
Nice Rythms and a groovy ass shakin bassline. one for the morning methinks. dosn't change much , but thats ok you can mix it about if yer that way inclined ... 6/10 :Smile3:

2. Lord of the Strings
Dark intro with a very well used Gollum sample kicks into a really nice arrangement of hi hats fat basslines and lovley synth leads with gollum randomley saying "yes .. dont go into the light , all dead all rotten and such.. very very nice one of my fav's will defenatly play this one out
8.7/10 :lol:

3. Flowmotion
Oooh, nice phazed intro , slamms into a hardkick and off beat hi while still keeping the proggy funky edge , the breaks nice n spacy and short then kicks back in with a flowing sexy synth and harder beats... this is defenatly warming up to stoak
7/10 :Grin:

4. Aclon
Almost straight in this sassy little number feels like your going off to see some incan temples.. lovley lovley synth lead and groovy baby bass lines whip your senses (or mine) into a trance this is nice very nice... yeah baby yeah! 8/10 :Grin:

5. Local Dadios
Now were getting some where , this is a staight up psy track that rollercoasters around the head, nice noises and energitic synths make this one a defenate dance floor moover ... 7.5/10 :Grin:

6. Side Fx
Nice banger with filthy acidy synth the noises are cool and the feelings good , not the best track on the album but still flows very well 6.5/10 :Wink3:

7. Full Onion
Groovy and chugging , this track is perfict for the sunrise set , nice use of nord lead makes this one something special, look out for the suprise sample! 7/10 :Grin:

8. Lord of the Strings (Silicon Sound rmx)
well 2 of the same tracks on one album!! ... shame its the best one then :Wink3: sillicon sound on the remix here and does it justice, nice bongo rythms and a tech hi hat slide effortlessly into a deep chugfest bass with delicate airy synths . nice nice nice nice ... ooh its a hard one between the original and the remix .. simply superb 9/10 :bananada:

overall this a fantastic album defenatly worth buying and playing to all your friends. This is psy in my opinion

overall 8/10 :jump:
:lol: yeeeeeeeeeeeeeey :lol:
i love this just got it!!
i think from my v hazy memory from listening on monday :smokingr: it's in freq, andromeda league, perhaps a bit heavier
and it has gollum noises!!!!!! :wub:

edit: just listening in car
much more psy than prog then i remembered altho the middle tracks are proggy
not quite freq, andromeda league perhaps but good music, ruined by my car speakers however!!! need rig!!
loved on/off - look forward to hearing this :Grin:
hmm, i wasnt a big fan of On Off, i find all genetic Spin a bit samey and far too percussive. i'll give it a download and see how it takes me
did u like the review .. its me 1st one! i work in a psy shop and listen to all the tunes that come in so i thought i'd do something productive with my time...

anyway more soon.... :cool:
good stuff although i find it hard to appreciate if i havent heard...just nice to see opinions :peace:
Fantastic review Niquid :Wink3:

Thought it was great myself, perhaps a bit percussivey as you say. Track 2, 3, 7 and 8 were aiiiiiiight. Nice morningy sounds
i really like most of this one a good effort me thinks also was very surprised that the silicon sound remix of lord of the strings was 0% cheesy :Smile3:
Nice review Nik mate :Smile3: Will have to give this one a listen methinks!