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Direct DJ
My Current Top Twelve (10 didn't seem to do justice to current trax) :Wink3:

01 Triptych Do It (for the funk)
02 Silcon Sound Wired (for the smooth groove)
03 Tikal Smoky Land (how did they make all that stuff fit)
04 Protoculture Magnetik Glasto 2004 Edit (for making me dance round me living room)
05 Bio Tonic Green Dreams\Blasting Plastic (for the vocal sample power)
06 Silicon Sound vs Nomad Same Planet (for the 303 line)
07 Orion Universal Ping Pong (Doesn't sound like orion but I like it)
08 Talamasca Salvian Effect (for the old skool melody, bit done before but still does it again)
09 Timelock Skylines (for the absolute coolness bit Sub6'ish but fatter)
10 Hypersonic Crystal Wave (bit more full on needed some israeli)
11 Dynamo Wild Style (more full on, done very well eskimo, cool chopped vox)
12 Pop Stream Rip Stinger (for the pure sillyness really, good track)

Signing off to listen to this lot again... :!: :ph34r:


Time to prime..
".I frikkin luuuuuurve celebreties, I wanna watch you take a sheeeeeet.."


Only kidding..



Pound Shop Alex Petridis

nice work geoff -- and not a mention of the evil, tourettes-triggering word "unrlsd" :P


Direct DJ
Hey lurk, do u mean to play at a party dude!
if so I did for Twisted Magic at Halloween, but no more plays coming up :Sad:
other than that the next good night out might get me into brizzle :Smile3: u nose it!! :Wink3:


Stunning Cunt
either, really :Smile3: i wasn't around for the Twisted Magic party as i was gallavanting around london :Wink3:

i hear a certain pond life collective are doing something for NYE... so hopefully we can meet and have a beer or two then :Smile3:


Direct DJ
gallavanting around hey, sounds about right!

yeah totally, I heard about that collective too :Wink3:

will be in brizzle for that on nye, so yeah sounds cool dude!

will have to think of an unusual piece of clothing atire, so can be recognised. :Wink3:

or get morph to introduce us dude :Grin: looking forward to it. &lt;G>

(yeah or three...)


Stunning Cunt
damion said:

look, damion, i'm kind of new around here, so i'm just trying to create a good impression, ok? I don't want people to get the right idea about me.

Geoff, yer on... i'll enlist the help of the morphmeister :Smile3: