George Bush is an Islamic Fundamentalist....


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I posted this in the conspiracy theories section but that section is full of crap and little viewed. Thought it might be appreciated more in here.....

This is taken from a casseteboy and dj rubbish cd and should in no way be taken as my own view, just a rather amusing idea that i thought id share.........

Musical accompinament : Acoustic guitar strummed gently, and a saxophone played by Bill Clinton.....

"Heres an interesting little conspiracy theory for ya...,

George Bush is an Islamic Fundamentalist, obviously,
Trained by Al-Qaeda in the heart of Texas,
to fight for the faithful army......

Hes now in the process of uniting the world,
against the good old U S of A,
The land of the free will come crashing down,
if he has his way.....

Its the only explanation,
Old Bushy boys an Islamic Fundamentalist.....

Hes three quarters of the way through his plan already,
and no-ones even noticed,
That must be a damn fine Al-Qaeda training camp,
they got down there in Texas,
Gettin him to pretend hes as thick as pigshit,
was a stroke of pure bloody genius......

Now at this point,
I would ask you all to sing along with the chorus,
If it wasnt for the fact that there are cameras on the premises,
and the CIA might be requisitioning the tapes at any time,
so i recommend,
that under all circumstances,
catchy as this number is,
you do not sing along,
you do not even smile,
I recommend that the most that you do,
is tap your feet,
but you do that at your own risk........."