Getting VST Plugins to register

Which ones and where?

Some plugins you do have to run an installer... Oh, and if you're using other Steinberg stuff, it may be pointing to another 'VstPlugins' directory.

yeah i saw that there were two vst plugin folders and tried the files/folders in both.

hang on...*roots around in steinberg folders*. the programme in question is absynth which i've got as a folder and a separate .dll (if that makes sense). it is *cough*borrowed*cough* so maybe that is where the problem lies and version i have isn't complete.
cheap and cheerful vsts will frequently install just by dragging the dll into the folder

more complex ones (especially those with additional datafiles and so on, and most payware ones, which like to make registry entries for registration etc) prefer to be installed like any other windows software (eg "setup.exe") and wont work just by copying.

if you dont have the installer - ask your friend to, er, borrow it again? :lol1: