Ghreg on Earth - SIGILWEAVER (Wirikuta/ MoE)


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Artist: Ghreg on Earth


Label: Wirikiuta Records / Mistress of Evil Records


Year: 2005

Format: CD



1. Table Of Contents
2. WithInfinite [144 BPM]
3. The Invisible College [144]
4. Sigilweaver [142]
5. Thoth Sphere [150]
6. Hex Vex Elixir [150]
7. Book Of Lies [145]
8. Siren Stars [148]
9. Quintessence Unfurls [145]

What's this about

The month is November and a nebulous object is rapidly descending through the gray sky, leaving a jag of thin contrail clouds in an otherwise dim an uneventful afternoon by the coasts of San Francisco , California . The local residents fearing an alien invasion have already notified the authorities, and they all expectantly wait the flying object to tumble down and reveal its passenger. The crowd that has gathered around the landing strip, gasps a sight of relief when a white man with long blond hair, reading glasses, and a grin from ear-to-ear comes out of the ship… just waving the peace sign, looking the part of an interplanetary, traveler-hippie kind of dude...

Ghreg on Earth, otherwise known as Phosphene, or simply ‘Ghreg' as his mates call him, has been previously featured in Soular, Timecode, Mistress of Evil, Innersound records and Spectral Concepts. In his journey for an original sound SigilWeaver, awakens magickal visions of dark gloomy tales, without the overuse of gurgling effects splashing everywhere. A cinematic adventure presenting ominous soundscape designs, power chords and fiery pulsations, coaxing the ear into a state of pure introspection. The 9-track debut forces the journey inwards, while the sharp turns unexpectedly surface in every corner.

Per-song break-down

1. Table Of Contents

Even though we are talking about a minute-long track, the sound is completely spectral surrounding you in its web of resonance, like a motion picture without really needing the video part. “Table of Contents†paves the introduction for the upcoming track, as a communion of the ancient occult with a high doze of glitchy industrial savoir flair.

2. WithInfinite *

Following the quick intro, “WithinInfinite†makes its presence stand out from the ambient prologue very quickly. The synth's rumble in riffs and for once in a long time, the bass seems to have a little movement and diversity complementing the track, instead of twitching on the same notes until the cows come home. The effects drifting in the periphery maintain a gloomy atmosfear. It is best to get used to it by this point, cause it might morph, but it doesn't really go away.

3. The Invisible College *

Where do the young magicians go when they graduate from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft? That's right to "The Invisible College". That being said, this is definitely not PG material, unless you happened to grow up in Rosemary's crib. The wings haven't really unfurled all the way yet, but it's caustic enough, well churned and damn heavy. Effects rain with distortion, guitars whimper and voices roar. They school you with growls passing through a combo of filters, not forgetting to mention this is still stomping material.

4. Sigilweaver *

When you find a track with the album's title it is expected to be a highlight, or in the least you hope it will carry the all-encompassing theme. Well it does not disappoint. The use of alternative sound banks to create a mysterious environment, without resorting to the usual suspects seems to work here. Such is the case with the chimes pouring here and there. Once again the voice sampling is very ghostly, confusing the ear even more to the whole picture, instead of drifting attention to the words. It remains very psy at the same time, in tuneful but metal sort of way. Something strange occurs at around the 6th minute, is like an intentional skip… I think…

5. Thoth Sphere *

Using the same shock tactics Skinny Puppy or Front 242 relied on back in the day, the sphere delivers a form of subversive communication, in a way that is never forgotten. What's the message? "Fire, humanity, frequency, preparation, active DNA" Heavy stuff. Once again the order of the day is a series of shrieks that melt with real screams, as if the poor bastard was having his appendix removed. I really like the beat which overall is fast as hell, but warm and funky, mutating all the time.

6. Hex Vex Elixir

Glitchy sampling loaded with an impressive roster of sounds, dragging out a slow intro. I get the feeling of being in slow motion for most of the way, only to leap forward in the “water of lifeâ€. An alternative rhythm comes in at around the 4th minute… but even so, it always feels like a really long break. Experimental stuff in deed, without any hints of predictability. A bit too diffused in an IDM'ish kind of way, which works like a double edged sword throughout, helping in a few parts and loosing cohesion in others.

7. Book Of Lies *

The “Book of Lies†is a hefty and I mean hefty tome, bridging a number of different themes in less than nine minutes. The good part is personally the swelling riff after the break… trashed with a Crungey Crunch, pumping that Boxboro vintage Amp until the tubes explode. The dusky lead appears later on as the listener is completely immersed in the web of sound.

8. Siren Stars

The progression of the “Siren Star†makes most descriptions useless. I love how the delays smear on the walls indefinitely, stretching the fabric of time. After all "I find the unusual spectrum of the siren star quite - pleasing." As well.

9. Quintessence Unfurls *

Ghreg closes the book with my personal stand out. In this last chapter he has saved all the best trills and arpeggios hinting Goa, while the overall premise is in deed… quintessence. Great use of original FX as it has been the norm throughout. The climax alone is worth checking out. It would have been interesting to see this particular sound seep a bit more on to the other tracks, as the outcome is truly magickal.

* Favourites

All and all

Skipping all laureate pretexts, funky graphics, or evil track names, the album delivers straightforward dark trance influenced by the industrial wave of the old days, a lot of riffs and a doze of psygressive here and there. The unique home-baked style sounds like a hybrid of metal trance, with an uncompromising attention to detail, giving a different outlook to the usual psychedelic imagery. If you find yourself thinking of the apple pie with these qualities, then grab a fork and enjoy... in excess.

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