Gift Culture : Temple at Dawn


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This new chillout CD was produced by the drummer from one of our Triskele artists.... Mike Hale from Initialization String brings you his debut solo album. I havent had time to give it a good listen to yet, but it sounds very promising if you like trancy chillout and dub.

Mike Hale seen on the left...

Heres what Psyshop have to say about the CD.....
Temple at Dawn is a timeless album and a true pleasure to experience.

Gift Cultures full-length debut CD Temple at Dawn features lush soundscapes and solid downtempo grooves, balancing warm human emotion with the latest deep DSP technology, analogue synthesis, and computer-based non-linear editing.

Michael Hale transcends the cold sterility of stereotypical computer music, infusing his songs with organic and melodic elements of trance and dub, along with tribal rhythms.

heres the link if you want to check out the audio samples.

Enjoy !