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Artist: Various Artists
Title: Schizm
Publisher: Gi’iwa Productions
Distribution: International thru Wirikuta
Format: CD Only
Duration: 9 Tracks, 77min 35sec
Cat. No: GPCD001
File Under: Psycho-Funkadelic Fungus Trance
Released: Soon! - June 2004

Spawned from the desire to inject some humour and psych0delic mayhem back into the psytrance scene, Gi'iwa Productions was formed on the east coast of Australia in 2001.

The crew came together because of a shared passion for a style of psychedelic music that has begun to grow from the fringes of the global electronic music scene, but which has seen only limited releases on the international market. Amidst the current flood of formulaic, trance-by-numbers artists and releases, Gi’iwa aims to provide a platform for truly innovative artists who strive to push the boundaries of acceptable psychedelic trance-floor music.

After scouring the globe tirelessly for the last 3 years, searching for the malcontent misfits producing genre-busting, psycho-funkadelic, super-psychedelia, the debut compilation ‘Schizm’ is set to ignite dancefloors all over the world.

Channelling celestial sounds through both spores and silicon, Schizm explores new stratospheres of psycho-sonic stimuli, bringing to you an eclectic blend of brain-busting beats designed to destroy your mind and decimate the dancefloor…



Sattel Battle
(a.k.a. TsaBeat)
(a.k.a. Weirdo Beardo)
Neuron Compost
The Vicious Spiral
Weird Alchemy

Future releases include:

TsaBeat / Sattel Battle album, :lol:
possible Vicious Spiral album :? (more info + confirmation s00n!)
the second compilation (<- if u are a weirdo-psy-freak-geek, we'd love to hear from you!!! :Grin: )

Love australian psy-madness & love my psy-harmonics! :Smile3:
Keep it coming! :Smile3:
Hi Reece, Nice to see you made it onto Psy Forum UK dude!! :!:

Remember me?? We sent you some tracks from my mates Project Mystic Knights, We needed abit of feedback at the time your comments really helped!! we have battled on and made some better stuff. But I don't live with him anymore so less time for creative ideas and music making. Although he still works on it alot and has all his kit setup (along with mine that I left there to aid the studio) so I visit for the odd session.

Glad to see your compilation has come together, sounds like that was a bit of a battle too, to get stuff your happy with. Wicked for encouraging new talents and breaking the mould a bit. Different to the normal attitude of get really big names in to sell it. This sounds quite unique. :Grin: Good luck with the Label and your future productions. Hopefully see them in a psyshop near us soon. :Wink3:
if you want a bit of unformulaic psytrance with a sense of humour, look no further than this... i heard reece dj recently and it was top :Smile3:
*bump* yeah peeps this is THE SHIT in the melbourne sound (cover version free hehe)

neuron compost are def to watch out for!!
V/A - Schizm (Gi'iwa Productions 2004) CD

V/A - Schizm


Artist: Various
Title: Schizm
Format: CD (jewel case)
Label: Gi’iwa Productions (Australia)
Cat. #: GPCD 001
Distribution: Wirikuta
Date: July 2004

Track listing:

01. 07’24†PimperKnuckle – Size 8
02. 05’54†Sattel Battle - Dotman
03. 08’53†Tamlin - Fjaqek
04. 07’50†Patrask – Captain Insano
05. 07’20†Alrune – Monkey Combat
06. 09’13†Neuron Compost – iZiLoP PoP
07. 08’49†Derango – Secret Surroundings
08. 05’06†The Vicious Spiral – Noize in da Hood
09. 06’04†Weird Alchemy – Fucking System
+ Hidden track after a bit of silence:
00. 08’00†Neuron Compost - Supergrrlz


Super-edgy, kool, psycho-punkadelic fungus trance!

Gi’iwa Productions from Australia are on a trance-mission… They aim to “provide a platform for truly innovative artists who strive to push the boundaries of acceptable psychedelic trance-floor musicâ€â€¦ Right, so chances are that these tracks will not sound like full-on Astrix clones, but will be of a more deviant nature… A quick look on the track list reveals only a couple of well-known names to me, but from what I can tell, this is most likely to be a compilation of tracks with strong references to bizarre Finnish & Australian stuff… Let’s find out…

Let me take you thru the tracks…

#01: [144 BPM] 1st up is PimperKnuckle from Mejiho… The promotional text claims this is “electro-jazz fuelled venture into freakdomâ€â€¦ Ha ha… Oh yes, this is the dark side of jazz… Mushroom jazz… This is darkish, yet not as dark as some of the stuff about to come… So we’re actually chilling out now… Is that so hard to comprehend? I like the fusion between electro, jazz and psy – very funkadelic! Nice groovy opener!

#02: [136 BPM] We fly halfway around the globe for the next track – namely to Israel, which is not exactly renowned for trance music with Finnish/Australian sound… But who the hell cares, this is such a happy track – reminds A LOT of Squaremeat/Texas Faggott… Very well structured, packed with all kinds of funny samples, and happy bits of melodies… All laid on top of a pounding bassline… Very sweet track!

#03: [143/50 BPM] Prepare to be blown away by this insane tune… We’re in Sweden now, and in this track Tamlin presents us with some crazy, fucked-up pitch-changes over a severely retarded bassline… Aaaargh, this messes with my head… Weird off-key beats, cut melodies, dark, eerie atmosphere…Very cool! Not for the fainthearted – beware! Sweet track!

#04: [150 BPM] “Speed? Yeah! What do you know about it? You just pass the stuff out. I take it!†Oh fuck, this is one Insaaaaano track… I can’t help but trip to this – Ulf & Erik, I dunno what kind of mushrooms you guys stumbled across in those deep, dark Swedish forests, but you better pass them around… I want in! One of the best tracks on this compilation!

#05: [150 BPM] Time for Denmark’s Alrune to showcase some monkey combat… â€So, I see you are trained in the art of monkey combat?†A demented mish-mash of percussion and haunting melodies mixed with your random animal noises and downright bizarro madness… Oh that bass, oh my, oh my…! Hardcore pop-music for the anti-pop consortium!

#06: [145 BPM] This track was forged by the mighty Reece himself in the deep Australian recesses… Highly psychedelic, acid-driven and somewhat more dance friendly than some of the other tracks here… From 3’05 and onwards, you can just close your eyes and fly away to another dimension… Beautiful structure – the perfect mix of well-structured morning melodies and twisted psychedelia!

#07: [150 BPM] Back to the deep, dark forests of Sweden, this is Derango with a hard-hitting sensory attack…I mean, play this anywhere and I’ll guarantee you that you walls will be dripping with sweat… This is some fucked-up, relentlessly retarded, trance-inducing, dark, gritty, stone-age night-trance with the most demented melodies I’ve heard in a long time… Would fit in perfectly with most StoneAge/Schlabbaduerst stuff… Dudedudelidedelidoooo!

#08: [151 BPM] We cross the North Sea back into Denmark with the first track to be released by Brian Møller a.k.a. The Vicious Spiral… And he’s not lying – vicious it is… It’s dark, it’s spooky and gritty… Haunting even… Sometimes a little to gritty and off-key for my taste, but I’m looking forward to hearing more from my fellow Dane… Decent track!

#09: [148 BPM] And for the “official†last track, we get a track by Greek veterans Weird Alchemy – supposedly their last ever!? Starts out with various robotized voices pitched up and down…â€funky weirdness†– Yeah, to say the least… This has epic, even floating melodies laid on top of trippy, fast-paced, acid driven grooves… Tasty, yet not as tasty as what’s about to come…

#Hidden track: [?? BPM] Ahh, we’re treated to a FULL hidden track… Not just a short, boring ambient piece like you usually get as a hidden track… This is a track by Neuron Compost called “Supergrrlz†… And what a fine track it is… After a slow couple of minutes, it really picks up and reveals itself to the Jedi…Though fasted-paced and highly psychedelic in nature, this track maintains a natural funky groove and I can’t help smiling when listening to this… Those funny kiddy samples along with “techno music is dope†are hilarious… Great track!

I had a difficult time, coping with the last couple of “Finnish-Sauna-insane-psy-trance†CDs I’ve reviewed… But this is different. I don’t know quite how to explain it, but is somewhat more varied. Don’t get me wrong, most sauna-trance is VERY varied; this is just varied in a different way – a way that enables me to listen through the whole CD without loosing interest… And that’s pretty much the best recommendation I can give a CD…

This is not for everyone though… Purists, be it full-on or progressive should looks elsewhere, whereas fans of truly innovative, highly experimental and deeply psychedelic fungus trance will love every minute of this… Recommended! Bounce motherfuckers! =D

Favourites: 1, 2(!), 3, 4(!!), 6(!), 7 + the hidden track (!)


External links:
Gi’iwa Productions: (Down ATM!)
Wirikuta Distribution:
Psyshop: (Audio samples available!)
Saiko Sounds:
Chaos Unlimited:
Hey, just checked out the samples at chaosunlimited, and I have to agree with damion - Neuron Compost sounds wicked! :wow: Definitely like to hear more from them...

good stuff
Oh my me, Tamlin finally lets some of his music get officially released! :wow:

He's been making the most amazing music and not releasing it for far too long, watch him he should go a long long way.
As somebody that has been a party animal watching Neuron Compost move from small unknown outdoor gatherings to take on the world I can say that his sets have consistantly been very big treats ... And that is saying something for an artist who you see every third weekend !! :partysmi:
I WAAAAAANT!! :shrooms: :wizard1:

Soon soon...order in the pipeline :Grin:

Craving syndromes all over and what an eye candy of a cover that is btw!

heya guys, thanx a billion for the support! :Grin:

hiya geoff! (heheh of course i remember u!) thanks for your words of encouragement bro,.... hope all is going splendid with u guys, would luv 2 hear your updated sound sometime :Wink3:

great review martin! stoked ure enjoying it! :cool:

RedZebra - thanks mate! more of my music is coming soon,.... 2 tracks are signed for the next Apoxina Records compilation due sometime,...... soon-ish,.... hopefully,...
and a Neuron Compost vs. Hired Goonz album on Gi'iwa next year (hired goonz is neuron compost + petalien)
also some of my older tracks can be found @

hehehe, thanx for your nice words dan marsoups! see ya next weekend :Wink3:

Ozric, the cover was created by Kev, of Scozbor / Odd Harmonic notoriety :P
he's also responsible for most of the Demon Tea and Sundance Records artwork

cheerz! :drinking:
wacked out world

hi Reece and Peta,

Good to see you two on the english forum.... So when are you both coming over to twist up some euro dance floors...

I got sent the album and yes it rocks, it's even had my brother up and dancing...
i know how much time and hard work has gone into it and its good to see you've both stuck to your wacky style and put the wind up standard trance...

love and light