Girlspeed from NZ


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Hi all,

Kiwi girl here new to this country. Love the psy trance scene and wishing to find out about any good dance floors i can go groove on!

Are there any Psy clubs ? or any parties this wknd anyone knows about please?

Thanks Im hanging for a good dance!:irofl:

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Hello, welcome, make yourself comfy and check out the party section :Smile3:


In the kitchen, studio or gym.
The Keta-Miner said:
It is very good in this country, there are sometimes as many as 5 psy parties a year.:iyes:

<rolls off chair laughing>..................
..... on a good year....... :P
Girlspeed.... what part of the country you in and how long you staying?,...... theres a few nice outdoors due over next 2-3 months.
keep ya pies eeled :Grin:
Welcome anyway,